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5180 Tenn-Luttrell Lime Co

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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5180 PYROSHIELD ┬« TENN-LUTTRELL LIME CO., LUTTRELL, TN Kennedy Van Saun (KVS) 9' x 13' Ball Mill CUSTOMER PROFILE Tenn-Luttrell Lime Company has been in business for 18 years, manufacturing quicklime, hydrated limeand crushed and pulverized limestone products. They have been an LE customer for 11 years. APPLICATION A KVS ball mill is used in the manufacture of lime products at Tenn-Luttrell. The KVS ball mill is a 450hp, single pinion driven mill. The mill operates at 21 rpm, grinding coal to fire the KVS rotary kiln.Lubrication is sprayed on the gears with a pneumatic pump system. The mill operates 330 days per year. AREA OF CONCERN The environment of the lime quarry is very dusty and hot. The gearset on the KVS ball mill was showingpremature gear face wear and there was vibration caused by the buildup of the asphaltic product in thegear teeth. The gear teeth were badly worn, but they needed to keep the mill in production to meetsales demands. LE SOLUTION LE's 609 ALMASOL┬« Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant was used during the conversion process to clean themill while it was "on-line". LE's 5180 PYROSHIELD was then applied after the asphaltic product hadbeen cleaned from the gearset. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS While using the asphaltic compound, Tenn-Luttrell was using 25 drums of the product per year. WithLE's 5180 PYROSHIELD their lubricant consumption has been cut to 12 drums. A 30F. temperaturedrop was measured on the pinion face after converting to LE's 5180. The maintenance personnel atTenn-Luttrell estimate that LE's 5180 has doubled the expected life of the gearset on this mill. Theaverage cost of parts is $5,000 per year, plus $2500 labor. Lost production averages $1,000 per hour.








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