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8800 John West Automotive

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Customer Testimonial

Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil (8800) John West Automotive – Raleigh, N.C. Race Engines Customer Profile John West Automotive, which has been an LE customer for more than 30 years, does automotive repair and service work in addition to building race and performance engines. Application Race engines for short track race cars Challenge More than 30 years ago, John was looking for an engine oil for the race engines he built. He wanted one that would provide the greatest degree of wear protection without diminishing the performance of the engine. LE Solution A former LE consultant introduced John to LE’s Monolec Ultra Engine Oil (8800), which was formulated originally for heavy-duty, long-drain service in diesel and gasoline engines. Monolec 8800 improves fuel efficiency, reduces wear and provides all-season, all-weather performance. These same qualities that make it an ideal choice for heavy duty engines also make it an excellent lubricant for race engines. Monolec 8800’s dependable SAE 15W-40 viscosity range is made possible by a shear-stable viscosity modifier developed and proven by LE through years of research and field experience. It also contains Monolec, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive that has been shown to reduce wear by more than 24 percent. Monolec acts like a layer of liquid ball bearings to prevent metal-to-metal contact and increase film strength. Results John has been using Monolec 8800 in race engines for many years with great success. He recommends Monolec 8800 to others and has many successful anecdotes about the oil he will gladly share when asked. A few of these are below. Outperforming on Dyno Tests John and his staff have run numerous dyno tests with Monolec 8800 and other engine oils. John said Monolec 8800 has outperformed all of the oils they have tested. Withstanding Heat A few years ago, one of John’s engines in a Ford Nascar late model stock car with a 351 cubic inch www.le-inc.com37-7683 Outperforms other engine oils on dyno tests Withstands heat Prevents wear on bearings “I have never seen an engine oil that could withstand the heat like LE 8800.” – John West, John West Automotive SIC 7538 LI70807 11-10 Based on actual user experience. Individual results may vary. Not intended to supersede manufacturer specifications. Monolec® is a registered trademark of Lubrication Engineers, Inc. engine was running in a race at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Va. While leading the race with 35 laps to go, the car started running hot. The team decided to continue and hope for a  caution flag so they could come in for a pit stop. The caution never came; they kept racing and won the race. The car was so hot by that time that it could not be cut off immediately when the race was finished. The engine was brought back to the shop to be checked out. The radiator cap was found to be defective, causing all the coolant to be lost and the engine overheated. The engine head was cracked due to the loss of coolant and overheating. After breakdown and close inspection of the internal parts, all of the oil-lubricated parts were in good, useable condition and only required light polishing. “I have never seen an engine oil that could withstand the heat like LE 8800 and I was even more convinced it was the best engine oil to use,” John said after the incident. Preventing Wear Jeff Boyles, LE consultant, and Paul Llewellyn, LE general sales manager, stopped by John’s shop for a visit. John was busy as usual but after some small talk said, “Come here. Let me show you something.” In the engine shop, he had a Nascar late model stock car engine that had been torn down and all of its parts were carefully laid out. “See, this is what LE does. Look at these bearings from that engine,” John said. “(The engine) has over 1,500 laps on it, but there is no wear on the bearings, no wear.” When we asked him what he would do with the parts, John replied: “We’re gonna put ’em back in the engine and keep it running. There’s no wear. They are almost like new, so why not keep using them?” Thank you to John West and to Jeff Boyles, LE lubrication consultant (pictured), for providing the information used in this report. Several customer’s race engines waiting to be “freshened” after the end of the race season.








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