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6723 Coca-Cola Bottling Co

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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6723 MONOLEC® Refrigeration Oil ROCHESTER COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO, Rochester NY Vilter Ammonia Compressor CUSTOMER PROFILE Rochester Coca-Cola has been in business for 85 years in the Rochester area. They produce Coca-Cola products in glass bottles, plastic bottles (PET—poly ethylene terephthalate), and also in 5 gallon containers. They have been an LE customer since 1981. APPLICATION A Vilter 100 hp 8-cylinder ammonia compressor, model 448 VMC, is used to cool the soft drink beverages down to 35ºF (1.67ºC) during the carbonation process. In the carbonation process the blended water and syrup is pumped into a stainless steel tank and pressurized with 60 psi of carbon dioxide. The product runs over ammonia refrigerated plates that cool the product to 35ºF, allowing the product to absorb the CO2 for carbonation. The compressor runs approximately 50 to 60 hours per week. AREA OF INTEREST Rich Robinson, Maintenance Manager, noticed premature wear on the crankshaft of the compressor. When they took the compressor down for maintenance, they also noticed wax deposits in the compressor crankcase. It took the maintenance personnel about three hours to clean up these deposits. They had been using a specialty grade lubricant in this application. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Don Wilkens recommended LE’s 6723 MONOLEC Refrigeration Oil. LE’s 6723 is a special lubricant for use in refrigeration systems and with most refrigerants. It contains MONOLEC, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive, and special additives to prevent sludge, assure low temperature fluidity, and to provide longer effective oil life. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS After converting to LE’s 6723 MONOLEC Refrigeration Oil, they have encountered no wax deposits, which eliminates the need for clean-up, and oil drain intervals are set annually, or at approximately 2200 hours. OTHER PRODUCTS USED LE’s 608 ALMASOL Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant is used in right angle gearboxes. LE’s 1275 ALMAPLEX Industrial Lubricant is used in mounted ball bearings and all non-H1 grease applications. LE’s 6401 MONOLEC Turbine Oil is used for air line lubricators. LE’s 6404 is used in automatic lubrication system oilers. LE’s 6301 is used in air line lubricants with high water content. It was selected because of its emulcifying qualities. LE’s 9102 SYNTEMP Synthetic Lubricant is used on chains and open gears. LE’s 4024 QUINPLEX Food Machinery Lubricant is used in mounted ball bearings in food contact areas in the filler room.








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