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3752 City of Berea

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3752 ALMAGARD VARI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT CITY OF BEREA, OH Various Equipment CUSTOMER PROFILE The City of Berea, OH is located 12 miles southwest of Cleveland. Gene Kowalewski is the Street Supervisor and Walt Thomas is Dispatcher. This department is responsible for keeping the streets safe during all types of weather and for maintaining all public rights-of-way. They have been an LE customer since 1983. APPLICATION The City has a wide variety of equipment including Ford (F-150 and F-250 pickups; F-500 utility F-Super Duty and L8000 dump trucks), GMC (GMC 2500 pickup and White GMC Brigadier dump trucks), International (S1900 dump truck, recycling trucks and other model dump trucks) and John Deere (front-end loaders, backhoes, tractors, miscellaneous leaf vacuum, shredding, mowing, blowers, etc.). AREA OF INTEREST Initially, the City of Berea had a problem with the failure of roller bearings in garbage trucks/packers. They could not find a grease that would lubricate well, stay in place, and remain there after the vehicles had been washed and steam cleaned. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Joe Kubisen recommended LE's 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant. After trying a sample tube, they were very pleased. LE’s 3752 is a multi-functional lubricant for extended service under extreme conditions. It is very tacky, has excellent water resistance, and will not pound out. LE’s 3752 is rust and corrosion inhibited. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS LE's 3752 proved to be the answer to the City of Berea’s problem. They began to try the 3752 in other difficult applications such as pavement breakers, and found that it worked well everywhere. They now use 3752 exclusively in all of their equipment. In winter the City of Berea converts their dump trucks for snow plowing and salt spreading. This is very difficult service because of the constant wet conditions and the extremely corrosive nature of salt. LE's 3752 helps protect the plows from wear and corrosion by resisting any wash out effect of the snow and slush, and preventing the corrosive effects of salt. Street Supervisor Gene Kowalewski (pictured) says he is very happy with LE’s 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant. "When other lubricant salesmen see LE containers in the garage, they simply turn and walk away. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, wet or dry, 3752 works well everywhere. It just works, period!" OTHER PRODUCTS USED The City of Berea, Ohio uses LE’s 607 ALMASOL Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant for all gearing. They also use LE’s 2059 MONOLEC Penetrating Oil and Lubricant.








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