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3752 8430 Demelza Fishing

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CUSTOMER PROFILE The 4-tonne fishing vessel "Demelza" is owned by Murray Henderson and is set up for long line fishing and charter work out of the Port Of Tauranga. AREA OF CONCERN The propeller shaft gland seal had started leaking more saltwater than was thought prudent. Murray wanted to stop or slowdown the leak till the ship could be slipped and the seal repaired. An engineering friend, who uses LE products and knew the benefits they offered, referred Murray to Lubrication Engineers NZ Ltd and he was advised to trial LE’s 3752 on the gland seal. LE SOLUTION LE’s 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant’s excellent water resistance and extraordinary adhesion and cohesion (clingability) certainly solved the problem. With only a small amount of LE’s 3752 applied regularly the suspect seal has stopped leaking and is still performing well after two years since the first application. Murray was impressed by the performance of LE’s 3752 and decided to trial LE’s 8430 MONOLEC GFS Engine Oil in Demelza’s Gardner 6LX marine motor. The previous commercial grade oil was lasting 350-450 hours before analysis indicated severe oxidation and degradation of the additive package. Demelza had run 1350 hours on the first fill of LE’s 8430 when the oil was lost through a fractured oil line. No other damage to the motor was sustained. The motor was refilled with LE’s 8430 and the oil analysis program will be continued to determine the maximum safe benefit of the motor operation. CUSTOMER BENEFITS At the time of writing this report the following observations had been recorded: The timely application of LE’s 3752 to the propeller shaft seal had saved the operation many hundreds of dollars in slipping fees and repairs which can now be achieved within the routine maintenance schedule. The original engine oil failed analysis criteria in 350-450 hours The original engine oil consumption was 1 – 1 ½ litres per 100 hours. LE’s 8430 MONOLEC GFS Engine Oil gave clean analysis up to 1324 hours (when oil was lost). LE’s 8430 consumption was 0-1/2 litres per 100 hours. Karl Andrews, Demelza’s skipper, said that the Gardner motor is now running 4°C cooler and his fuel consumption has dropped approximately 10% since the change to LE’s 8430. On engine shut down the oil pressure alarm activates much later than it did with the previous lubricant, giving testimony to the sustained viscosity of LE’s 8430.








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