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4059 QUINPLEX® H1 Penetrating Oil & Lubricant

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4059 (H1) QUINPLEX® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant These USDA Authorized H1 and NSF Registered Lubricants are designed for use where superior anti-wear, rust and oxidation resistant properties and H1 performance is desired. USER BENEFITS: USDA “H1” Performance - Perhaps the most critical requirement imposed on any lubricant. These extremely pure, non-staining, odorless, tasteless, translucent and non-irritating lubricants can be used with confidence where incidental food contact or staining can occur. Contains an antimicrobial agent. Increased Productivity - Through extended equipment life and less downtime. This is crucial with high capital, continuous process equipment. Downtime cost can often be devastating when production schedules must be changed, delayed or cancelled. Superior Anti-Wear Performance - Provides a margin of safety with superior anti-wear properties. Many white oils do not offer this measure of wear protection, since anti-wear additives are not included. One source for your H1 Lubricants - Six versatile products for many different applications provide viscosity ranges to satisfy your requirements. 4059 SAE 30 ISO 100 *Contains no ozone depleting chemicals 4059 has excellent penetrating characteristics, while leaving a protective oil coating upon evaporation of its H1 solvent. 4059 has excellent rust preventative characteristics. In a 100% humidity test chamber there was no rust after 48 hours with LE’s 4059. Certified Kosher Pareve/Passover  TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Food Processing/Animal Feed Preparation - Lubricant and rust preventative for machinery and other equipment. Aluminum/Metallic Foil and Packages - Lubricant for drawing, stamping, forming and rolling metallic foil and packages used in food packaging. Textile - machinery lubricant. Paper - machinery lubricant. 4059 as a Penetrant and General Lubricant - Loosens corroded and frozen parts, protects surfaces from rust and corrosion, assists in water displacement, solvent helps dissolve and penetrate residues. WHAT IS QUINPLEX®? QUINPLEX is LE’s exclusive proprietary additive created through LE’s own R & D staff. This study was started in Europe and adapted by LE to Lubricant Technology thus providing yet another in a long series of unique LE contributions to the field of Lubrication. Quinplex imparts three important characteristics to 4010-4040-4046-4059: (1) Water Resistance (2) Tackiness (clingability) (3) Forms a barrier against corrosion and rust.








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