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4025 Hamilton Baking Co.

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Hamilton Baking Co. (1988) Limited, a major bakery located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, produces bread loaves for numerous retail outlets. One of the main pieces of equipment in use in this bakery is the dough expander. The dough expander shapes the dough into the familiar loaf shape and allows it to expand prior to baking.

The dough expander is a difficult application, as flour adheres to the machine, and overgreasing is a concern because of the possibility of incidental contact with the loaves. Dan Briscoe, Maintenance Supervisor, found that he was regreasing every day because the lubricant he was using would not stay in the bearing. When LE's 4025 QUINPLEX@ Food Machinery Lubricant was demonstratedu sing the LE Impact Tester, the bearing in the dough expander had only been in service for two weeks and was already worn oblong. LE's 4025 was applied to the bearing block and the customer was able to get another full month's service from the worn bearing. Since the bearing was replaced, it has been lubricated with LE's 4025  QUINPLEX@ Food Machinery Lubricant once a week. After four months the bearing is showing no sign ofwear. LE's 4025 is Agriculture Canada and USDA H-I Approved for food and beverage processing equipment. It is white, water resistant, resists high temperature, clings to metal and is rust and corrosion inhibited. LE's 4025 is mechanically stable, contains an anti-microbial agent and QUINPLEX@, LE's proprietary additive. Hamilton Baking Company has also converted their air compressor to LE's 6222 MONOLEC Air Compressor Oil. The result of this conversion was a 20F temperature reduction. No amperage readings were taken prior to the conversion. The red color of LE's 6222 has pennitted them to detect and repair numerous leaks in the system which were previously undetectable.

We wish to thank Battisa Digennaro, Owner of the Hamilton Baking Co., Limited, and Dan Briscoe, Maintenace Supervisor for providing the information to prepare this report.








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