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6110 Textile Chemical Mfg Plant

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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6110 MONOLEC® HYDRAULIC OIL TEXTILE CHEMICAL MFG. PLANT, South Carolina Borg-Warner & Rexroth Hydraulic Systems CUSTOMER PROFILE This Textile Chemical Manufacturing Plant located in South Carolina converted a 500 gallon hydraulic system to LE's 6110 MONOLEC Hydraulic Oil in 1983. APPLICATION Two hydraulic systems are used: a Borg-Warner hydraulic system equipped with three 40 hp motors and a Rexroth hydraulic system with four 50 hp motors. AREA OF INTEREST In 1983 the plant had been using commercial grade oils which were emulsifying with moisture and oxidizing under the heat. Average equipment replacement was one or two Vickers pumps per year on the original Borg-Warner system. Because of the oil-water emulsion and high operating temperatures, the commercial grade oils had to be changed every eight months. LE SOLUTION LE's 6110 MONOLEC Hydraulic Oil was recommended in 1983 to lower oil temperatures, reduce amperage and to improve the water separation. LE's 6110 contains MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive and meets all of the needs of modern hydraulic equipment. In addition, its long life characteristics and its high temperature stability promote a uniform power flow. Leakage problems within the system were also reduced after the changeover to LE's 6110. At the initial changeover to LE's 6110, temperatures dropped approximately 20ºF. and they recorded a 5% reduction in amperage. Over $2800 is saved annually in electrical energy costs as a result of this 5% reduction. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Oil analysis is performed on a quarterly basis. Because LE's MONOLEC Hydraulic Oils do not emulsify with water, it is a simple task for the maintenance personnel to periodically draw off any condensation which collects at the bottom of the reservoir. LE's 6110 possesses far better heat and oxidation resistance, so it prevents breakdown and forming of deposits in the system. After yielding 10 times longer oil life, the system was enlarged by installing a Rexroth hydraulic system. At the time the Rexroth system was installed they considered an oil change, but oil analysis showed no wear, no oxidation by-products and the additive and viscosity levels were still in excellent condition. Therefore, no oil change was performed. The oil was in service 11 years before an oil change occurred. OTHER PRODUCTS USED This Textile Chemical Manufacturing Plant also uses LE's 6202 MONOLEC® Air Compressor Oil in their 500 hp Joy centrifugal air compressor. This oil runs 2 to 4 years between changes. Since most gear units call for an R&O oil, 6407 MONOLEC® Turbine Oil was installed in 1993. Oil analysis shows that LE's 6407 can run 2 to 3 or more years without wear or oil oxidation. LE's 680 ALMASOL® Worm Gear Lubricant is used in all worm gear units and has reduced operating temperatures. LE's 6802 MULTILEC® Industrial Oil is used in the Gardner Denver screw compressors and Hoffman blowers, and has shown no wear or oxidation problems. The Maintenance Supervisor says that LE lubricants have made life easier for them, as well as maintaining a heavy production schedule. With the latest product addition, LE's 4059 QUINPLEX® H1 Penetrating Oil & Lubricant, the Maintenance Supervisor said, "Oh man that is the best product we ever ran across."








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