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6404 Carolina Marble & Granite Inc

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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6404 MONOLEC®R & O COMPRESSOR / TURBINE OIL CAROLINA MARBLE & GRANITE, INC., Charlotte, NC 1942 Ingersoll-Rand 9X9 EVS-1 Air Compressor CUSTOMER PROFILE Carolina Marble & Granite, Inc. located in Charlotte, NC, has been in business for 86 years. They are the oldest memorial manufacturer in the area and still employ many old specialized machines, along with newer technology for polishing, cutting, grinding, and sandblasting memorials. They began using LE products in June of 1975. Terrell Fridell, Jr., is the third generation Owner. He has followed LE lubricant's performance since his father first purchased them. He says he will never forget seeing the Impact Tester demonstration with LE's 3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Lubricant. APPLICATION Carolina Marble & Granite uses a 1942 Ingersoll-Rand 9X9-EVS-1 air compressor and previously used the manufacturer's specified oil in the cylinder head lubricator. AREA OF INTEREST They were experiencing constant problems with valve carbonization and wear. This required valve replacement every nine months to one year. Terrell Fridell, Sr. agreed to try LE's 6404 MONOLEC R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil in this application. Even after experiencing LE's excellent performance, he decided not to convert the crankcase from the original OEM lubricant specification. LE SOLUTION In 1988 the local LE Representative presented the economics of power reduction and improved cold start lubrication to Terrell Fridell, Jr., who had taken over operation of the company after his father. Based on the anticipated energy reduction and decreased wear, a conversion was scheduled with LE's 6404 MONOLEC R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil at the next scheduled crankcase change in July of 1989. LE's 6404 is formulated with special additives that control deposits and give protection against wear, corrosion and rust. It is nonfoaming and contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS After the conversion to LE's 6404 MONOLEC® R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil, an energy reduction of 1.6 amps, or 5%, was recorded. This compressor runs approximately 60 hours per month, and the savings in energy consumption alone, paid for the cost of the oil in approximately one year. Terrell Fridell, Jr., believes the largest savings by far was the wear protection provided for the very expensive machine parts and labor costs associated with their replacement. Using LEAPSM, Lubrication Engineers' Analysis Program, Carolina Marble & Granite has safely extended crankcase oil change intervals by 50%. This further contributed to the positive economics of converting to LE's 6404. Carolina Marble has now gone over four (4) years without a valve change. Mr. Fridell says he is confident the crankcase oil change interval could go longer but he is pleased with the performance savings 6404 has given in the extended valve life and power savings. However, he continues to use LEAP oil analysis for protection against any dust and grit buildup in the oil. OTHER LE PRODUCTS USED Carolina Marble & Granite knows the benefits of LE lubricants and also uses: 3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Lubricant 607 ALMASOL® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant 9102 SYNTEMP® Synthetic Lubricant 5100 PYROSHIELD® 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil. They also use LE's 300 MONOLEC® Industrial Lubricant on their 50 hp. granite grinder. They found that LE's 300 stays on the ways much better and slides easier than the brand they were previously using. Consequently, they achieve better precision during the grinding process. 








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