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7500 The Scabbler Man

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Monolec® Power Fluid (7500) The Scabbler Man, LLC – Scottsburg, Va. Gehl 4840 Loader with Planer attachment Reduced operating temperature by 20°F on hot days • Sped up the completion of jobs by enabling loader to operate at desired speed without overheating Customer Profile Dan Martin owns and operates The Scabbler Man, LLC, from his shop in Scottsburg, Va. He performs concrete planing that prevents slippage. His customers are in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. ApplicationDan uses a Gehl 4840 loader equipped with a Melroe Ingersoll-Rand planer to do his work. The loader has an air-cooled engine, which tends to run hotter than a liquidcooled engine. It has a 13-gallon hydraulic reservoir, and in it he was using a national brand commercial hydraulic oil that was recommended for his machine. Challenge On hot days, the hydraulic oil ran hotter than desired. It heated to approximately 260°F, which was in the yellow area on the gauge. Dan had to slow his forward speed in order to prevent further overheating, causing the job to take longer. LE Solution Dan told his brother-in-law what was happening with his loader and planer. His brother-in-law operates a concrete pumping business in Oregon and has been using LE products for several years in his equipment. He told Dan about his experiences with LE products and suggested that he try them in his loader to help the overheating problem. Dan contacted the LE office in Fort Worth to order some Monolec Power Fluid (7500). Office personnel took care of his order and put him in contact with Jeff Boyles, the LE consultant for his area. Monolec Power Fluid is a highly versatile fluid designed to meet the unusual operating needs of most combination gear-hydraulic systems and hydraulic  transmissions found in construction, agriculture and heavy duty fleet applications. Monolec is LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive that increases film strength and acts like a film of liquid ball bearings to prevent metal-to-metal contact. It allows metal surfaces to slide by one another with greatly reduced friction, heat and wear. Results LE’s Monolec 7500 was the right product for this application. After changing the  hydraulic fluid in his loader to Monolec 7500, Dan quickly noticed that on hot days the temperature gauge on the hydraulic fluid never moved into the yellow area. The temperature stayed at 240°F or lower, a reduction of at least 20 degrees. Since making the switch, Dan has noticed that the hydraulic temperature is running within the recommended range (at least 20 degrees cooler on hot days than the previous oil). This temperature reduction means that the fluid and equipment life will be prolonged. One of the biggest improvements has been that Dan does not have to slow down the forward speed on his loader, even on hot days. He can maintain the desired speed while performing his work, thus completing his jobs in less time.








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