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9011 6405 Sunbury Generation LP

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6405 MONOLEC ┬« R&O COMPRESSOR/TURBINE OIL SUNBURY GENERATION LP, Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania Foster Wheeler Ball Mills CUSTOMER PROFILE Sunbury Generation LP, located along the Susquehanna River in Sham o kin Dam, Pennsylvania is an independent power producer which owns and operates the Sunbury Generating Station . Sunbury Generating Station produces 459 megawatts of power, 409 megawatts generated by four steam turbines fueled by coal, 50 megawatts generated by 3 combined cycle units using fuel oil. APPLICATION Sunbury Generation LP has 13 Foster Wheeler D7d Ball Mills used to pulverize coal for steam turbine Units #1, 2, 3 and 4. AREA OF INTEREST A very costly pinion gear replacement had recently been required due to an automatic lube system failure. The open gear lubricant being used was a premium, black asphaltic type lubricant. The lubricant was extremely messy to apply and work with . Automatic lubricant spray systems required attention in order to prevent blocked lines and spray nozzles. Waste oil was very difficult to contain and remove due to its becoming very hard and tar-like in recovery chutes and pans. The product was also impacting and building up in the bull and pinion gear tooth root area, which can lead to additional wear and adds loading on pinion shaft bearings. The customer also desired to reduce the amount of product being applied. LE SOLUTION LE Lubrication Consultants, David Bolger and John Hayes recommended replacing the black open gear lubricant with LE 9011 PYROSHIELD┬« XH Syn-Gear Lubricant. LE 9011, a unique, extremely heavy duty, synthetic fluid developed specifically for ball/grinding mill applications which call for an EP lubricant to be applied using automatic spray systems. 9011 contains ALMASOL, LE's exclusive wear reducing additive and a non-chlorinated diluent to ensure good low temperature mobility. It pumps easily through auto lube systems even during cold start ups. It will not harden nor solidify and does not plug spray system lines, metering valves and spray nozzles. The fluid nature promotes good housekeeping practices, allowing easy channeling and collection of waste oil. 9011 is translucent purple and non-staining. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Sunbury Generation decided to convert, as a test, two Foster Wheeler Ball Mills to 9011. As a service to the customer, David Bolger advised and participated during the conversion process which involved cleaning and tuning the spray systems and monitoring surface temperatures of the gear sets to ensure a glitch free transition. The goal being to reduce gear surface temperatures and the amount of lubricant sprayed. Waste oil collection is greatly improved. Waste oil is easily directed to and collected in small pans. Compacted lubricant is eliminated along with build up on shrouds. Lubricant Specialist David Bolger also monitors, records and logs gear surface and pinion bearing temperatures monthly. A log copy is updated and maintained by the maintenance dept. for reference. While collecting temperature data in the initial phases of the open gear lube trial, high pinion shaft bearing temperatures were noted. LE 6405 MONOLEC┬« R&O Compressor/Turbine Oil was recommended to reduce temperatures in this large Babbitt type bearing application. Sunbury Generation decided to install the LE 6405 in the two ball mills under test. After a short break-in period pinion shaft bearing temperatures have been dramatically reduced from approximately (181-192) to (140-152).








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