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2700 Mary Anns Baking

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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2700 ALMASOL® OVEN CHAIN LUBRICANT MARY ANN’S BAKING CO., INC., Sacramento, CA Chubco Super-Flo Oven SIC 2051 Buns, Sweet, except frozen 97-10-31 (LI70257) CUSTOMER PROFILE Mary Ann’s Baking Company, Inc. has been in business since 1972, producing fresh baked sweet goods. Their products are distributed to grocery chains throughout California, Washington and Oregon. APPLICATION The pastries are baked in a Chubco Super-Flo Oven. The bakery operates 24 hours a day, five days a week. AREA OF INTEREST While using a specialty grade oven chain lubricant, Mary Ann’s Baking Co. was experiencing excessive wear on their oven chains. The chains were becoming stiff due to lack of lubrication. LE SOLUTION In December of 1996, LE Representative Lloyd Harcrow, recommended LE’s 2700 ALMASOL OvenChain Lubricant. LE’s 2700 penetrates completely into the pins and bushings of the chain and has theability to withstand heat without oxidizing up to 900ºF (482ºC) and contains ALMASOL, LE’s exclusivewear-reducing additive. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS After converting to LE’s 2700, amp meter readings on the oven have dropped nearly 40%, indicating that friction has been reduced considerably on the oven chain.








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