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5182 Mountain West Resource

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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5182 PYROSHIELD ® MOUNTAIN WEST RESOURCE MGMT, INC., Cottage Grove, OR Various Logging Equipment CUSTOMER PROFILE Mountain West Resource Management, Inc. is located in Cottage Grove, OR. They are one of the oldest and most respected family-owned logging companies in western Oregon. Ad Heath is the shop Foreman. Todd Levings is the Yarder Operator. APPLICATION Some equipment operated by Mountain West Resource Management, Inc. includes a Thunderbird TMY yarder, an I.J. 80-I-100 tower and a Skagit 739 Slack-Line tower. AREA OF INTEREST The commercial grade lubricant they had used previously would sling off the gears. This left them unprotected and also created housekeeping problems. LE SOLUTION LE's 5182 PYROSHIELD was designed especially for open gears which operate under the most severe service conditions. It is an EP (extreme pressure), lead-free lubricant and functions flawlessly year-round. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Shop Foreman, Ad Heath, states that LE's 5182 is lasting twice as long as the lubricant he was using previously. He said that he would recommend LE's 5182 to anyone who is using a Slack-Line tower.








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