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6602 Countryside Golf Course

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6602 LOW TOX® Hydraulic Oil Countryside Golf Course, Naples, FL Jacobson mowers CUSTOMER PROFILE Countryside Golf Course is a semi-private course nestled in Naples, Florida. They have been inbusiness for over fifteen years. APPLICATION Countryside uses Jacobsen Green King mowers to mow the tee boxes, greens, fairways and roughs onthe golf course. AREA OF INTEREST Countryside is located in Southwest Florida with two temperatures; hot and very hot. They have extremely high humidity and salt in the air. Every element of equipment nightmare is present. HeadMechanic John Kahl has accepted all the problems associated with using hydraulic oil as normal. Hewas looking for an oil that would not contaminate the soil in the event of an oil spill. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Jeff Rogers recommended 6602 LOW TOX®Hydraulic Oil. LE’s 6602 is a low toxicity hydraulic oil with advanced product technology. It’s performance is equivalent to premiumhydraulic fluids, yet it has low ecotoxicity for environmental concerns. It has a low order of toxicitycompared to standard commercial hydraulic oils and biodegradable hydraulic fluids. Jeff soldCountryside on the fact that LE’s 6602 would not permanently damage the turf nor contaminate the soil in the event of a spill. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS John Kahl experienced a mower hose blow out that resulted in a major spill. If he had been using a commercial grade lubricant he would have had to replace the tee box and clean up or replace the concrete. Instead, he just turned on the sprinklers and replaced the hose on the mower. Not only did LE’s 6602 save the course the cost of this major spill clean up, but also saves them daily due to less friction, wear and tear on the equipment. John states, "I had a tee mower blow a hose on a tee. Before the machine moved to a wooded area off the course, two gallons were lost. No harm was done to the grass or soil. I simply turned on the sprinkler head and washed the fluid away." OTHER PRODUCTS USED John also uses 2059 MONOLEX® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant. He states,  "My fifteen year old Foley United Reel Sharpener runs like new!"








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