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8800 City of High Point Fleet

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Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil (8800) City of High Point – North Carolina Fleet Extended oil drain intervals by six times • Reduced volume of oil used, stored and disposed by 81 percent • Saved $2,700 in cost of oil and shop time during first year Customer Profile The City of High Point’s Fleet Services Department maintains more than 800 vehicles and pieces of equipment. The diverse fleet includes everything from backhoes  and patrol cars to dump trucks and garbage trucks. Mark Nance is the shop supervisor and Gary Smith is the fleet director. Application The first vehicles to be treated with Monolec Ultra Engine Oil were two garbage trucks – both were 2007 Sterling LT 7500 trucks with CAT 3126 engines. Challenge The garbage trucks were among the fleet’s most severe applications. They had been on an oil change interval of 225 hours (instead of miles), using commercial grade Kendall Engine Oil (15W40). Mark wanted to safely extend oil drain intervals, provide superior wear protection and reduce overall costs. LE Solution Jeff Boyles, LE lubrication consultant recommended LE’s Monolec Ultra Engine Oil 8800. It contains Monolec, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive that creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, much like liquid ball bearings, which vastly increases film strength. Opposing metal surfaces slide by one another, greatly  reducing friction heat and wear. Monolec has been shown to reduce wear by more than 24 percent. Jeff also recommended oil analysis to monitor the engine oil and engines to ensure the safe extension of oil drain intervals. Results High Point converted the two garbage trucks to Monolec Ultra and monitored them with an oil analysis program. They were able to extend oil change intervals by six times. High Point converted 18 more trucks to Monolec Ultra Engine Oil during the first year. Mark estimated the total savings on all 20 trucks to be $2,700 during the first year alone. (Oil savings were $2,100 and reduced shop time was $600.) Mark said he expects the savings to increase even program for the full year rather than some being on the program only part of the year. Costs were figured as follows: Mark calculated the number of gallons of Monolec Ultra Engine Oil used in the first year on the 20 trucks. He also calculated how many gallons of Kendall engine oil would have been used if High Point had stayed with its previous program. • Number of gallons of Monolec Ultra Engine Oil used: 161 • Number of gallons of Kendall Engine Oil that would have been used: 843 Total volume of engine oil used would have been 843 gallons but by safely extending oil drain intervals, this amount was reduced to just 161 gallons. This was a savings of 682 gallons of oil – a reduction of 81 percent. This also meant much less oil to dispose of after use. The City of High Point has been pushing and encouraging its departments to be more environmentally responsible, which is another benefit of the LE program. Soon after starting the LE program, Mark realized that the trucks were spending less time in the shop when the trucks were in for servicing and oil filter changes. He conservatively estimated a savings of at least 15 minutes per service. Figuring shop time at $60 per hour, times the number of services, resulted in the estimated shop cost savings of $600. To date, High Point has changed 25 trucks to Monolec Ultra Engine Oil. These include 14 garbage trucks, five tandem dump trucks, two bucket trucks, one box pickup truck, one knuckle boom truck and two miscellaneous trucks. All of these trucks are equipped with engines made by CAT, Cummins or Mercedes. As the program moves forward, High Point expects to experience further cost savings by extending equipment life with fewer parts repaired and replaced, due to reduced wear using Monolec Ultra Engine Oil. “The LE program has saved us money on oil and shop time, plus greatly reduced the amount of waste oil we have to store,” Mark said. “I’ve been well pleased with the program.”








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