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9460 Crown Linen Service

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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Monolec® Synthetic Industrial Lubricant Crown Linen Service – Columbia, Illinois Gearbox Lowered operating temperatures by 20 degrees, eliminating the need for motor replacements Dropped amperage use by 6.5, resulting in electrical savings of $1,746 per year Customer Profile Throughout the past century, Crown Linen Service has thrived in a highly competitive market. The fivegeneration business is one of the oldest family-owned and operated businesses in mid-Missouri. Founded in 1891, the bulk of the company’s business consisted of men’s starched shirts, and detachable collars and cuffs. In the years that followed, the company expanded, adding newer and more productive technology. Today, the company provides rental textiles to all types of businesses in central and eastern Missouri, as well as in western Illinois. Application Crown Linen Service uses a Hypro linen steam press with a 20 hp gearbox to iron the linens after they are washed. Challenge Using a commercial grade gear oil, the gearboxes were running hot, as high as 180°F in the summer. This was causing the motor to run hot, and two motors had to be replaced in a one-year period. Solution Chuck Vannoy, LE lubrication consultant, recommended Monolec® Synthetic Industrial Lubricant (9460) which has a synthetic base oil that provides longer service life through excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance. It contains Monolec, LE’s exclusive wearreducing additive, and is well suited for enclosed gearboxes. Results After Crown Linen began using Monolec Synthetic Industrial Lubricant (9460), operating temperatures dropped 20 degrees, and the company hasn’t had to replace any motors. The lubricant change also caused a 6.5 amperage drop, resulting in electrical savings of $1,746 per year. “I now have peace of mind,” says Dave Milsap, chief engineer, “I don’t have to worry about a motor going down on the unit.” Other LE Products Used Monolec Multiplex Lubricant (4622) Des-Case® desiccant breathers LEAP? (LE Analysis Program) kits for gearboxes, hydraulic washers and compressors Oil Safe® containers perma® automatic lubricators for gearboxes and hydraulic units.








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