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9000 Holcim Inc

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9000 PYROSHIELD® Syn-Gear Lubricant Holcim, Inc., Artesia, MS Ball mill Holcim, Inc. is a cement manufacturer with a facility located in Artesia, Mississippi. APPLICATION Holcim, Inc. has three Allis Chalmers 2500 HP Ball Mills used to pulverize raw materials and finished product for the manufacturing of various types of cement. AREA OF INTEREST Holcim, Inc. had previously been using an asphaltic product to lubricate the large open gear sets on the ball mills. The asphaltic product had been used here for years, causing a build up of hardened lubricant in the roots of the gears. John Harper, Maintenance Superintendent was concerned with the constant health and safety problems associated with using asphaltic products, as well as the messy housekeeping required. Disposal costs were also high since asphaltics must be disposed of at an approved hazardous waste disposal site. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Jammie Turner recommended 9000 PYROSHIELD Syn-Gear Lubricant. LE’s 9000 is an extremely heavy synthetic fluid open gear lubricant for ball/grinding mill applications. It contains extreme pressure and is nonasphaltic. LE’s 9000 is ideal for automatic spray systems. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Since the conversion of two of the three ball mills used at Holcim, Inc., to LE’s 9000, lubricant consumption has been reduced by approximately 50%. Hazardous waste disposal costs have been eliminated, and cooler gear temperatures are being maintained, resulting in approximately a 3 ½ amp reduction. Gear roots are now clean and protected by 9000 PYROSHIELD Syn-Gear Lubricant. Audi Pettit, Maintenance Supervisor stated two hours after LE’s 9000 was installed, "Mill’s even quieter than before!" Gary Hurt, Maintenance Personal said, "Amperage spikes aren’t as great!" OTHER PRODUCTS USED 9102 SYNTEMP® Synthetic Lubricant is used on all chains.








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