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6803 Steere Enterprises

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
1-800-GO-LUBES (465-8237)
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6803 MULTILECĀ® INDUSTRIAL OIL STEERE ENTERPRISES, TALMADGE, OH Sterling (Hydraulic) Pump CUSTOMER PROFILE Steere Enterprises is a manufacturer of plastics. They have been in business over 50 years andhave been an LE customer for 6 years. APPLICATION Steere Enterprises uses a Sterling hydraulic pump to provide power to the blow mold and injection mold machines. The pump runs 24 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. AREA OF INTEREST While using a commercial oil the servo-valves, which are an intricate and integral part of the Sterling hydraulic pump, were sticky, had dirty spools around them and were tarnishing. Due to failures, three to five servo-valves would have to be removed and sent out for remanufacturing and recalibration, averaging $800 to $2,100 per servo-valve a year. Steere Enterprises was looking for a way to reduce the repair rate on the servo-valves, reduce oil consumption and eliminate unnecessary downtime. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Joe Cimino recommended LE's 6803 MULTILEC Industrial Oil to Steve Bumgardner, Head of Maintenance, to solve this problem. LE's 6803 is a truly multi-functional, heavy-duty R&O (rust and oxidation) and AW (anti-wear) industrial oil suitable for air compressors, hydraulics, bearings, industrial turbine and R&O gear applications. It is compounded with premium paraffinic base stocks for greater lubricity. It has outstanding rust and oxidation resistance, excellent water separation ability and an anti-wear additive for increased gear and bearing life. It is also formulated to combat acid hydrolysis in rotary screw compressors and contains MONOLECĀ®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Steere Enterprises saved approximately $8,400 in one year using LE's 6803. They have not had a servo-valve failure due to lubrication since making the decision to try LE's 6803 and are very pleased with the results. Also, waste oil has been dramatically reduced because they are getting 2 to 4 times longer service life on LE's 6803. Steere Enterprises says, "LE's 6803 was able to do the job that LE claimed it would."








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