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6120 Kearse Manufacturing

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
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6120 MONOLEC® HYDRAULIC OIL KEARSE MANUFACTURING MFG, Olar, South Carolina John Deere Loader CUSTOMER PROFILE Kearse Manufacturing is a family owned hardwood veneer business. They manufacture veneer that is used in various industries such as flooring, furniture and door manufacturing. They have been in business for 80 years, and an LE customer for 30 years. APPLICATION Kearse MFG has a 1988 John Deere 544E Loader used for unloading timber off trucks at the mill. In 1994 it was converted to a bucket loader to construct logging roads. AREA OF INTEREST In 1992, the loader began experiencing a hydraulic failure in the valve body. The valves were sticking in the valve body. The local dealer said it would need to be replaced but did not have a valve body in stock so it was going to be weeks before the part would come in. LE SOLUTION Mill Superintendent Bill Thomas needed to get the loader back in service so he spoke with LE Lubrication Consultant Helmut von Schweinitz. After consulting with Helmut, they decided to soak the valve body in diesel fuel and then reinstall with Lubrication Engineers 6120 MONOLEC® Hydraulic Oil. LE 6120 is especially formulated to eliminate the evaporation of light ends which is typical of commercial and off-brand oils. It also reduces heat and wear, stops pump cavitation and keeps seals soft and pliable. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS The valve was soaked and Bill was able to get the valves moving again and install 6120 MONOLEC® Hydraulic Oil. The unit went back to work unloading trucks. To this date, the loader has not experienced another problem with the valve body operation. That is 18 years of trouble free service! When the new valve body arrived it was put on the shelf because everyone thought it would be needed. Today, the loader is used for various purposes around the mill. A new unit would cost over $80,000. Bill states, “We are a family owned business that needs to keep operating costs low to stay competitive. Extending equipment life can make a difference to the bottom line.”








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