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3752 Leonard Maser Logging

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
1-800-GO-LUBES (465-8237)
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3752 ALMAGARDĀ® VARI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT LEONARD MASER LOGGING, SPRINGFIELD, OR Logging Truck CUSTOMER PROFILE Len Maser Logging is located in Springfield, OR. Len Maser is the Owner and he hauls logs for a living. APPLICATION Len Maser has been logging and hauling logs since 1975. Some of his equipment consists of a 600 Prentice log loader and a 980 Freightliner log truck with an 8V92 Detroit Diesel engine, a 13-speed Fuller transmission and a two-speed Eaton differential. AREA OF INTEREST While using a commercial grade lubricant, after about two days of service, the cup and saucer on his truck would be dry, bright and shiny. This was an obvious indication that there was no lubricant protection. LE SOLUTION Since changing to LE's 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant, Len Maser can go two weeks without re-greasing the cup and saucer on his truck. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Len Maser states, "There is still a good film of grease in there. I like it because it stays in there and does not pound out. I also use it on my log loader and it stays in the pins and bushings on the boom better than anything I have ever used. I know the initial price for your grease would scare some people off, but if they would just try it they would find out that it is actually cheaper to use in the long run. I know it has sure saved me a lot of money."








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