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9102 American Fiber and Finishing

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9102 SYNTEMP® SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT AMERICAN FIBER AND FINISHING, INC., Albermarle, NC Cleaner to use, won’t sling or fall off  Doubled application interval from every day to every 2 days  CUSTOMER PROFILE American Fiber and Finishing, Inc. is located in Albemarle, North Carolina. The company moved to its present location in 1997 and has been in business over 30 years. They manufacture specialty textiles including material for book bindings. APPLICATION During the manufacturing process, the rolls of fabric are turned on a machine called a Material Inspector. As the name implies, the material is inspected for defects at this point. This machine has open gears turning the rolls that have to be lubricated. The machine usually runs about 40 hours per week. AREA OF INTEREST Charlie Burris, Maintenance Manager, had been using an aerosol asphaltic spray lubricant containing moly on the open gears. He would have to apply the product everyday. Often the lubricant would fall or sling off the gears resulting in a messy area under the gears. Charlie was interested in a lubricant that would stay on or "cling" better and last longer if possible, plus provide good wear protection. LE SOLUTION LE Lubrication Consultant, Jeff Boyles, recommended LE 9102 SYNTEMP® Synthetic Lubricant, an aerosol spray for use on smaller open gears, chains, sprockets, slides and other applications. 9102 SYNTEMP® contains MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear reducing additive, and is tacky which adheres to metal surfaces, resisting "slinging off," or "dripping" which was needed in this application. In addition, it is water resistant, resists high temperatures and has an EP Timken OK load of 50 lbs. Syntemp is available in aerosol spray cans which is NLGI 0 when applied and NLGI 2 when the diluent evaporates. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Charlie tried the 9102 SYNTEMP® and was pleased with the results. He found it to be easier to apply, and it stayed on better with no slinging or falling off the gears like the other lubricant. The better adhesion to the gears also allowed him to change his application interval to every two days instead of every day. In addition, no wear on the gears was observed. He also starting using the SYNTEMP® on a sliding mechanism on the machine with good results. "The 9102 Syntemp holds up under rough service and is cleaner to use" stated Charlie Burris, Maintenance Manager.







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