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6801 Bureau of Reclamation

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6801 MULTILEC® INDUSTRIAL OIL BUREAU OF RECLAMATION, North Central WA Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressor CUSTOMER PROFILE The Bureau of Reclamation’s largest hydroelectric dam is the Grand Coulee Project located in North Central Washington. APPLICATION The Grand Coulee Project’s electrical output surpasses the total energy output of the Bureau’s other 51 projects combined. The Grand Coulee Hydroelectric project relies heavily on eight 400 hp Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressors to provide consistent air supply. It is critical that operational uptime be achieved. The air supplied by the eight air compressors is used to provide positive pressure from within all electrical housings to keep water out. As water from the Columbia River travels down any one of the 36 water tubes within the dam structure, it drives, or spins, large vertical water wheels located at the bottom of each tube. This high speed spinning motion is captured and used to turn a generator for the production of electricity (i.e. hydroelectric power). The magnitude of this power generation is tremendous with each of the large tubes transporting 32,800 cubic feet of water per second to the water wheel. Individual water flow within each tube is equal to the flow of the Colorado River! With 36 tubes housed within Grand Coulee Dam, you can envision the power of the mighty Columbia River! AREA OF INTEREST One of the compressors is run as lead for a year, running 24 hours a day, with the other compressors coming on-line as needed. Previously, whichever compressor was in the lead position, would be a maintenance headache throughout the year. Using commercial grade and later synthetic ISO 32 oils, the maximum drain interval on these compressors was 2,500 hours, often less, determined by oil analysis. Oil capacity of these 400 hp Sullair compressors is 110 gallons each. LE SOLUTION In April of 1994, LE Representative John Kowsky, Jr. recommended LE's 6801 MULTILEC® Industrial Oil for these compressors. LE's 6801 is a multi-functional, heavy-duty rust and oxidation inhibited and anti-wear industrial oil suitable for severe service in air compressors, hydraulics, bearings, industrial turbines and R&O gear applications. It is compounded with select 100% paraffinic base oils for greater lubricity and has outstanding rust and oxidation resistance. LE's 6801 has excellent water separation ability and contains an anti-wear additive for increased metal life. It is formulated to combat acid hydrolysis in rotary screw air compressors. It also contains MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS After four years, using oil analyses, compressor #1 had over 10,000 actual running hours on the oil and was still suitable for use. The other seven compressors were converted to LE's 6801 MULTILEC Industrial Oil as their scheduled changeouts came up. One of the top personnel at Grand Coulee said, "The Sullairs used to be the talk of the project due to their high maintenance, but now I never hear about them. LE products have really made a difference!" To quote our contact, who had the faith in our product to give us a shot back in 1994, " I’d like to put LE in everything!" While other hydroelectric dams like The Three Gorges in China and another in South America have been or are being constructed, this marvel of engineering, constructed between 1933-1941, continues to be the largest concrete structure on Earth. OTHER PRODUCTS USED The Bureau of Reclamation, Grand Coulee also uses LE's 5182 PYROSHIELD® Open Gear Lubricant. They also utilize LE's 9805 PYROSHIELD for the lift gate gearboxes. These gearboxes are used infrequently, but when needed, it is critical that a heavy load-carrying gear oil adhere to the gear teeth to eliminate dry start up. Additionally, LE's 9805 PYROSHIELD adheres to metal surfaces so well that rusting problems in the gearboxes are minimized.








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