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8450 HL Crouse Construction

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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CUSTOMER PROFILE Founded in 1973, H. L. Crouse Construction Company is a well known and respected petroleum and gas pipeline construction and repair company. They have been an LE customer for 18 years. APPLICATION H.L Crouse Construction Company uses a variety of caterpillar equipment in their work. AREA OF INTEREST In 1991, they began to use LE's 8450 MONOLEC GFS Engine Oil in the final drives of all 20 of their Caterpillars in order to achieve improved performance and extended equipment life. LE SOLUTION LE's 8450 MONOLEC GFS Engine Oil was recommended for H. L. Crouse Construction Company, as it is formulated for heavy-duty service. It is excellent for diesel and gasoline engines. During 1995, one model 571 pipelayer developed a leak due to a cracked seal. Since the unit was down, H. L. Crouse maintenance personnel did an inspection. of the final drive unit. During this inspection they discovered there was no wear. This particular unit h~d 4,000 hours on the oil. In 1996 a D-6H Caterpillar bulldozer was checked. It had 4,100 hours on LE's 8450, and the finals looked like new. Other units have had LE's 8450 in the finals for over six years. They have had no problems and the oil is still nice and red. Lead Mechanic, Mike Vavrick, says, "I have pulled inspection covers off to check the transmissions, and even after sitting three to six months, there is still a film of LE oil on the shafts, gears and bearings. No rust or pitting here." OTHER PRODUCTS USED LE's 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant is used as a general purpose lubricant.








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