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6303 Woytek Drilling Company

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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6303 MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant WOYTEK DRILLING COMPANY, RENO, NV Howco Drilling Hammers CUSTOMER PROFILE Woytek Drilling Company in Reno, NV is currently engaged in drilling environmental water wells to monitor ground water at a large Nevada gold mining company. APPLICATION They use Howco drilling hammers that are 6" and 10.75" in diameter and are driven by 900 cfm/300 psi and 3000 cfm/425 psi compressors respectively. AREA OF INTEREST Woytek Drilling was interested in extending useful hammer life as much as possible, while minimizing environmental impact from excessive use of rock drill oil down the drill hole. While using a commercial grade drill oil, Woytek Drilling occasionally encountered fractured hammer pistons. These hammers generally run five days per week, 6 to 10 hours per day. LE SOLUTION The local LE Representative recommend LE's 6303 MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant in order to address the issues of reduced hammer wear, as well as minimizing lubricant consumption, and decreasing the amount of lubricant escaping into the ground and ground water. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS The use of LE's 6303 MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant has saved Woytek Drilling Company thousands of dollars in drill hammer parts, labor and lost productivity over the last nine years of failure-free hammer operation. The customer states, "The hammer wear is so minimal year-to-year that it is at the point of being immeasurable. I bought the 10.75" Howco hammer new in 1993 and it hasn't been out of the cylinder since then. It now has in excess of 3,000 hours operating time. My 6" hammer was new in 1987 and I operated it without major maintenance until it was torn down in the spring of 1995. Wear was minimal, so we just turned the piston end to end and reassembled the hammer. In a full day of drilling, I use 1/2 gallon of LE rock drill oil in my smaller hammer and two gallons in my large hammer. This is the minimum amount recommended by the hammer manufacturer." OTHER PRODUCTS USED Woytek Drilling also uses LE's 6222 MONOLEC Air Compressor Oil in their air compressors. They are also using LE's 607 ALMASOL Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant and LE's 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant. 








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