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1275 SGL Carbon Fibres

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1275 ALMAPLEX® INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANT SGL CARBON FIBRES, LLC, Evanston, Wyoming Exhaust Fan Bearings SIC 2895 Carbon Black

CUSTOMER PROFILE: SGL Carbon Fibres, LLC manufacture carbon fiber for use in the aerospace, automotive, marine and sporting goods industries. They have been in business since 1998 and an LE customer since 2004.

APPLICATION: They use a proprietary oven to manufacture the carbon fiber. The oven fans for the carbon fiber oven stages have 32 fan bearings.

AREA OF INTEREST: While using a commercial grade lubricant, SGL Carbon Fibres were experiencing four fan exhaust bearing failures per year. It is a very difficult and hot job to replace these bearings so they were looking for a better grease to reduce or eliminate the failures.

LE SOLUTION: LE Lubrication Consultant Mike Carter recommended 1275 ALMAPLEX® Industrial Lubricant. LE 1275 is an excellent general purpose EP lubricant that contains ALMASOL®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive. It is very effective in severe operations caused by mois ture or high temperatures. It seals out dirt and water and prevents corrosive wear.

CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS: Normal replacement was four bearings per year. Since the conversion to LE 1275, there have been no bearing failures. Bearings cost $800 each X 4 = $3,200 Labor cost $346 per bearing X 4= $1,384 400 lbs of lost product @ $4,280 X 4 = $17,120 LE 1275 saves $21,704 per year in bearing and labor cost!

OTHER PRODUCTS USED: 604 ALMASOL Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant, 1250 ALMASOL® High Temperature Lubricant, 2001 MONOLEC® Wire Rope Lubricant, 5100 PYROSHIELD®, 6802 MULTILEC® Industrial Oil, 8440 MONOLEC® GFS Engine Oil and 8530 MONOLEC® SPB Engine Oil








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