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2059 Portsmouth Daily Times

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2059 MONOLEX® PENETRATING OIL & LUBRICANT  PORTSMOUTH DAILY TIMES, Portsmouth, OH  Various Equipment  SIC 2711 Newspapers: Publishing and Printing  SIC 2752 Commercial Printing, Lithographic  98-07-24 (LI70259)  CUSTOMER PROFILE  The Portsmouth Daily Times is a daily newspaper publisher for the Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio areas. They circulate approximately 17,000 publications daily for these areas, and also print more than 10 local and regional papers weekly. They have been an LE customer since 1997. APPLICATION  In the press room, camera room and main office Portsmouth Daily Times personnel work approximately 60 hours per week.  AREA OF INTEREST  While working these long hours, the personnel need all moving parts such as wheels, chairs, conveyors, desk and drawers to move freely and smoothly. While using a commerical grade penetrating oil, the oil would evaporate and leave the different parts dry before the printing run was finished. LE SOLUTION  LE Representative Bob Tackett recommended LE’s 2059 MONOLEX Penetrating Oil &  Lubricant to Wendall Skinner, Press Room Foreman. LE’s 2059 is an all-purpose penetrating oil that quickly dissolves most rust, gum and varnish, freeing "frozen" parts. It contains MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive. LE's 2059 leaves a tough film of lubricant and acts as a rust and corrosion preventative on metal surfaces.  CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS  LE’s 2059 was applied while Portsmouth Daily Times was doing a printing run. When the run was finished, the 2059 was still working great. Wendall Skinner states, "This is the best penetrating oil I have ever used and I use it on everything that moves." We would like to thank Wendall Skinner and LE Representative Bob Tackett for the information provided to prepare this report. Bob Tackett 








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