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6403 Goldkist Poultry

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6403 MONOLEC® R&O Compressor/Turbine Oil Goldkist Poultry, Athens, GA  Sullair LS16 compressor   Amperage Drop of 21 Amps   Electrical Savings of over $15,000.00   Temperature Drop of over 8 Degrees CUSTOMER PROFILE Goldkist Poultry is one of the largest processors of chicken in the world. The Athens, Georgia plant is a first stage poultry processing plant. APPLICATION The plant uses three Sullair LS16 60 hp compressors to provide air services to the entire production facility. AREA OF CONCERN The units are a major concern for the maintenance staff due to current operating temperatures and electrical loads each compressor uses. The compressors are situated outside and are exposed to hot Georgia summers that can easily reach over 95°F (35°C). LE SOLUTION Maintenance Engineer Charlie Hoag contacted local LE Representative Chris Nowlen to discuss what could be done. Chris explained that LE products are engineered to lower operating temperatures, provide excellent protection for the compressors, and cost about 50% less than what they are purchasing now. Chris recommended 6403 MONOLEC® R&O Compressor/Turbine Oil to reduce operating temperatures, increase wear protection, and extend drain intervals. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Prior to the conversion, while still using commercial grade synthetic oil, amperage readings were taken on the unit. Under full load, amperage and temperature were measured. Temperature measured an average of 220°F (104°C) and amperage measured an average of 88 amps. The unit was then drained, flushed and refilled with LE’s 6403 MONOLEC® R&O Compressor/Turbine Oil. When the amperage/temperature readings were taken, the unit registered 212°F (100°C) and 67 amps – an 8°F drop in temperature and a 21 amp reduction in power consumption. LE’s 6403 MONOLEC® R&O Compressor/Turbine Oil saves $5,022.15 annually in electrical energy costs for one compressor. Total savings for all three compressors is $15,066.45! OTHER PRODUCTS USED 4701 MONOLEC® Industrial Lubricant 4025 QUINPLEX® Food Machinery Lubricant
6120 MONOLEC® Hydraulic Oil








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