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4701 Printing Company

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
1-800-GO-LUBES (465-8237)
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4701 MONOLEC® INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANT PRINTING COMPANY, Evans, Georgia Press Cam Followers Saved $312,000 per year of downtime costs  5 year downtime savings of $1,560,000  Eliminated clogged automatic lubricator lines  Increased production by 312 hours per year CUSTOMER PROFILE One of the largest commercial printing companies in the world is located near Augusta, Georgia. This facility’s strategic focus and center of excellence is in the high quality catalog market. They also provide regional retail inserts for the Southeastern United States. APPLICATION This Facility operates 9 printing presses consisting of 5 Albert Frankenthal Presses , 3 Cerutti Presses, and 1 Mottern Press. The cam followers on these presses failed because Texaco EP 1 grease would separate and run out of the bearings. The cam followers aid the transfer of the printed books through the folder delivery. AREA OF INTEREST The Gripper Cassette Cam Followers were failing at a conservative average of 3 per week. Using an automatic lubrication system and Texaco EP 1, the long grease lines would clog up causing the bearings to fail due to lubrication starvation. Additionally, the grease would separate and the oil would drip onto the books and floor causing production and house keeping headaches. This took 2 hours of downtime and 2 mechanics to change out the cam followers and clean up the mess. LE SOLUTION The Maintenance Manager and Supervisor asked LE Lubrication Consultant Mark Jones for help in solving their company’s cam follower failures. Mark recommended using LE 4701 MONOLEC® Industrial Lubricant to eliminate their downtime. It was recommended to flush the lines with LE 4701 and remove all of the old grease. The lines were then reconnected to the cam followers. The lines have now run successfully for 5 years with very few bearing failures and the clogged lines on the automatic lubrication system have been eliminated altogether. The grease lines simply do not plug up any more. As an added benefit, the LE 4701 does not separate and run onto the finished product and floor. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS The Maintenance Supervisor has been asked many times during Regional Maintenance meetings why he uses grease that is twice as expensive as the commercial grease other facilities use on their equipment. He  explains how the LE 4701 and LE 4700 saves on down time and how it increases his production. Using LE Enhanced Lubricants™ and the Lubrication Reliability Programs LE promotes as part of their plant reliability package has justified the cost. The Return on Investment (ROI) in one year has paid for the cost of all the LE lubricants this Plant buys for many years. An average of 3 cam followers failed per week. LE 4701 eliminated their cam follower failures. This resulted in the following savings. $312,000.00 Downtime Cost Eliminated  $1,560,000.00 Savings in 5 Years of using LE 4701 OTHER PRODUCTS USED LE 6405 MONOLEC® R&O Compressor/Turbine Oil is used in the folder gearboxes reducing temperatures 40 degrees. LE 1250 ALMASOL® High Temperature Lubricant is used in high temperature bearings around the plant.








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