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2410 8800 Jim Leons

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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2410 BTU+ Diesel Fuel Improver 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil JIM LEONS Personal Diesel Vehicles CUSTOMER PROFILE Jim Leons is an outdoorsman. He spends his time adventuring around the northeas tern U.S. either hunting or site seeing. Mr. Leons has been an LE customer since 1990. LE products were proven to Mr. Leons as quality products before he used them in his personal vehicles. Jim relied on LE products when he was responsible for the large equipment at several government parks throughout the western part of the U.S. The equipment had to be dependable to plow roads at 12,000 foot elevations, in heavy dust from secondary roads, and heavy snow removal in 40 foot drifts at -40°F. LE lubes did the job well and gained the loyalty of Mr. Jim Leons. APPLICATION Mr. Leons drives two  diesel vehicles, a Land Rover and 2001 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck. AREA OF INTEREST These vehicles are an important part of his lifestyle and he relies on them to  get him where he wants to go despite adverse weather conditions. In the short term, his trucks must be reliable and not breakdown and leave him stranded in the back country. His long term concern and interest is in protecting the investment he has in this personal fleet. LE SOLUTION The local LE Lubrication Consultant, Gary Gerber, recommended LE’s 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil. LE’s 8800 provides the most desired features and benefits for heavy-duty service in diesel and gasoline engines. Through a unique formulation available only from LE, 8800 offers exceptional service. 2410 BTU+ Total Treat Diesel Fuel improver was suggested as well. LE’s BTU+ is designed to provide protection for year-round use. It cleans fuel pumps, injectors, and combustion chamber. It also improves fuel lubricity, provides a more complete combustion and lowers pour point and cold filter plug point. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS LE engine oils extended the drain interval, reduced the heat, and eliminated foaming. According to Jim, “During my career, LE lubricants produced a savings of over 35% by minimizing down time and replacement parts. Power improved and fuel consumption was lowered 2.2% while using LE lubricants and BTU+ diesel fuel additive. LE saved money when used in the heavy duty equipment and it’s saving me money now in my trucks.”








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