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8800 3750 Quinn Brothers Inc

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
1-800-GO-LUBES (465-8237)
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Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant Multi Line Central Lubrication System Quinn Brothers Inc. – Essex, Mass. Fleet Saved $92,400 since converting to LE lubrication program more than five years ago Have not had to replace any components since converting to LE Reduced time spent on oil changes by 75%; extended service intervals Customer Profile Quinn Brothers of Essex, Inc., has been in the steel business since 1956. As a major supplier of structural steel and miscellaneous iron, Quinn Brothers services both private and public contractors. Their detailed and talented crews create some very complicated designs. Quinn Brothers has been an LE customer since 2003. Application The Quinn Brothers fleet consists of four tractors, three cranes, and eleven Ford Super Duty F-550 trucks with Power Stroke diesel engines. Challenge Jay and Joe Coughlin, owners of Quinn Brothers, were seeking ways to increase the efficiency of the company’s vehicle maintenance program. They were initially interested in automatic lubrication systems for their truck chassis. From an oil and reliability concept, that would extend their drain intervals and protect the engines and chassis components. Solution In 2003 Dave Piangerelli, the local LE lubrication consultant, contacted Quinn and offered a solution that would increase the reliability of the tractors and trucks, and reduce the company’s total life cycle maintenance costs. Dave recommended installing Interlube multiline central lubrication systems on the trucks, as well as using LE Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant (3750). The lubrication system would deliver a precise metered amount of Almagard Vari-Purpose Lubricant to each lubrication point, including the six grease points on the fifth wheel. On this particular multiline central lubrication system, each lubrication point is served by its own individual feed line via a dedicated positive displacement pumping unit. The multiline system ensures that any accidental line damage would affect only one lubrication point and not render the entire system inoperable. Each centralized lubrication system is used to lubricate the entire tractor chassis including: Kingpins – upper and lower 4 points Steering drag link 2 points Slack adjusters 6 points “S” camshaft bushing 6 points Tie rods 2 points Spring pin hangers 6 points Clutch cross shaft bushings 2 points Suspension trunnions 2 points 5th wheel plate 6 points Fifth wheel pivots 2 points Total 38 points Dave recommended Almagard Vari-Purpose Lubricant because it is very tacky, has excellent water resistance and does not pound out. It is a multifunctional, extreme pressure lubricant for extended service under extreme conditions in on- and off-road vehicles and in many plant applications. It is rust- and oxidation-inhibited. Dave also recommended converting to Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil (8800). Monolec Ultra Engine Oil is for heavyduty, long-drain service in diesel and gasoline  engines. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces wear and provides allseason, all-weather performance. Results Time savings on service interval of 75%. Trucks are scheduled to be serviced every two months for a savings of $100 per truck x 7 trucks = $700 every two months. Savings of $4,200 per year. Total of $29,400 to-date On an average, they were replacing chassis component(s) on at least one or two trucks per year. Since 2003 they have not had to replace one single component. Savings of more than $3,000 per year. Total of $21,000 to-date Oil change interval on tractors was previously performed at 150 to 250 hours. With Monolec Ultra Engine Oil, drain intervals have been set at 600 hours. Savings of $3,500 per year. Total of $24,500 to-date Oil change interval on each Ford Super Duty F-550 was 5,000 miles. With Monolec Ultra Engine Oil, drain intervals are performed at 10,000 miles. Savings of $2,500 per year. Total of $17,500 to-date “We cannot say enough about the service Dave Piangerelli supplies, as well as the products, top notch in our book,” Jay and Joe Coughlin said. “The installation of the lubrication system is the single, most cost-effective option on a truck.” For additional information on Quinn go to Other LE Products Used BTU+ Total Treat Diesel Fuel Improver (2410)








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