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6110 Perlos Inc

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
1-800-GO-LUBES (465-8237)
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6110 MONOLEC® Hydraulic Oil Perlos Inc., Fort Worth, TX Injection Molding Machines 3089 Plastics products CUSTOMER PROFILE Perlos Inc. uses injection molding machines to make phone housings for Nokia. They have been an LE customer since 1999. APPLICATION Perlos Inc. uses Engel 40T multiple size injection molding machines. They are used to mold phone and battery housings. AREA OF INTEREST They were using a commercial grade lubricant in the molding machines and were experiencing short oil life and many pump failures. LE SOLUTION LE’s 6110 MONOLEC® Hydraulic Oil was presented to the customer because they wanted to achieve drain intervals of seven years. They also wanted lower operation temperatures, less wear in the units, and reduced electrical consumption. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Approval was obtained from Engel of Canada, and Bosch of Germany. Oil analysis on the commercial grade lubricant was performed. Over 80 pages of electrical readings were taken on 3 Engel Injection Molding machines. TXU (electric provider) took all readings using a profiler. The three test machines were drained and refilled with LE’s 6110. Oil analysis was run for one year. TXU took readings on the units with 6110 providing 180 pages of electrical documentation. The hydraulic system was isolated for these tests. Oil analysis showed improved particle counts with the use of LE’s 6110. Wear had decreased, and the lubricant did not degrade in service. Electrical consumption dropped 2 amperes (12% reduction). The conversion of all units is now in progress. Testing took over one year. Bottom line electrical savings are estimated at over $58,000.00. Bob Reese, Plant Maintenance Supervisor stated after the study and presentation of results, "I will not use anything that does not contain MONOLEC".








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