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3752 The Sun Herald

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
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3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Lubricant The Sun Herald, Gulfport, MS Printing machinery and equipment CUSTOMER PROFILE The Sun Herald newspaper services residents and  businesses of South Mississippi. The company prints newspapers and commercial print jobs utilizing a Goss Headliner Offset press operating seven days a week. The Sun Herald is a company that is continuously looking to cut cost and expand service by having dependable machinery and equipment to produce  newspapers for their customers and prospects. APPLICATION Mr. Dean Cook, Pressroom Manager, prior to being a customer of Lubrication Engineers, Inc., noticed a serious problem with the grease he was using. Mr. Cook was observing the grease in the equipment and machinery being slung out onto the equipment and the floor. A lot of grease was being wasted which was becoming very costly. This situation became a real mess and embarrassing to him when outsiders such as vendors and visitors came into view of this obvious problem. LE SOLUTION LE’s 3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Lubricant was recommended. LE’s 3752 is a multifunctional extreme pressure lubricant for extended service under extreme conditions in many different applications. It is very tacky, has excellent water resistance, will not pound out and is rust and corrosion inhibited. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS LE’s 3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant’s most impressive feature to Mr. Dean Cook is that the grease stays in the equipment and machinery and not on the floor. The other impressive features to Mr. Cook are that he doesn’t have to use as much grease and that the equipment and machinery is being protected from wear and has less downtime. Mr. Cook is very satisfied with LE’s 3752 and he does not have to worry about grease being all over the equipment and floor. In fact, the embarrassing days are over. The place is easier to clean and the printing machine is operating very well. Mr. Cook would recommend this grease to anyone that requires an NLGI 2 EP grease.








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