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4030 Seneca Foods Corp

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4030 QUINPLEX® White Oil Seneca Foods Corporation, Marion, NY Double die press CUSTOMER PROFILE Seneca Foods Tin Can Plant manufactures cans for the packaging of vegetables such as peas, beans and corn. This is done primarily for Seneca Foods. However, they manufacture cans for customers all over the United States. Seneca Foods is the largest producer of canned vegetables in the country. They have been in business for well over fifty years. APPLICATION To help in the manufacture of their cans, Seneca Foods uses a double die press to make the ends for the cans. The main bearings of the crankshaft and the rod bearings need adequate lubrication to operate properly. The press operates seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, in order to meet production schedules. AREA OF INTEREST Seneca Foods used to use Lincoln Oil Pumps and a commercial grade ISO 460 gear oil to get lubrication to the bearings on the press. This resulted in using large amounts of oil and a considerable amount of time in filling the holding tank on the Lincoln Oiler because it needed to be refilled frequently. They were also spending a lot of time wasted in cleaning up excess oil off the floor as well as losing valuable production time. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Don Wilkens recommended 4030 QUINPLEX® White Oil. LE’s 4030 is USDA H1 rated for food processing equipment. It is for use where incidental food contact may occur or where a non-staining lubricant is required. LE’s 4030 contains antimicrobial agents and is non-foaming in service. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS First Seneca Foods installed a mist generator on the presses. Then they started using LE’s 4030. They immediately recognized the benefits of using LE’s 4030. Using a commercial grade ISO 460 gear oil, they were going through 274 gallons of oil at an annual cost of $3,545.00. After installing oil mist generators and switching to LE’s 4030, their cost decreased significantly to $68.25 per year. This is a cost of $0.187 per day as compared to $9.71 per day with the competitor’s oil. In addition to the cost savings, there were other recognizable benefits as well. There was no more downtime due to cleaning up excess oil off the floor around the presses, and the crankshaft and connecting rod bearings are running cooler, now that they have good oil lubricating the bearings. OTHER PRODUCTS USED  4024-4025 QUINPLEX® Food Machinery Lubricant  4059 H1 QUINPLEX® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant    4090 QUINPLEX® White Gear Lubricant  6520 MONOLEC® Hydraulic Oil    9965 MONOLEC® High Temperature Oven Chain Lubricant








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