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6404 East Jefferson Hospital

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Marley Cooling Tower Model 375-102 CUSTOMER PROFILE East Jefferson Hospital provides general hospital services for a large geographic area. Theyhave been an LE customer since 1986. APPLICATION The East Jefferson Hospital uses a 1,000 ton capacity Marley cooling tower, model 375-102. AREA OF CONCERN While the East Jefferson Hospital was not experiencing any problem areas with their commercialgrade lubricant, they were interested in saving on electrical energy cost and consolidatingproduct inventory. While using a commercial grade lubricant the 3-phase electric motoramperage readings were as follows: 37 amps, 36 amps and 36 amps. LE SOLUTION LE's 6404 MONOLEC R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil was recommended for the gearbox onthe Marley cooling tower. Made from the highest quality paraffin base stocks, LE's 6404 offersexcellent oxidation resistance and is extremely long lasting in service. It will not emulsify withwater and prevents corrosive wear. LE's 6404 contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Michael Burke, the Engineering Supervisor, personally managed the changeover and took ampreadings to verify the energy reduction after converting to LE's 6404 MONOLEC R & OCompressor / Turbine Oil. The readings were as follows: 34 amps, 33 amps and 34 amps.Michael Burke was so impressed withthe results that he ordered additional product to changeout all cooling tower gearboxes to LE's 6404. There are five other Marley cooling towers at EastJefferson Hospital. In addition to energy reduction, LE's 6404 provided a product consolidation opportunity as it took the place of two types of commercial grade gear lubricants that were being used. LE's 6404 ISO 100 (SAE 30) can also be used in all of their reciprocating air compressors and vacuum pumps in the hospital. This has simplified inventory and stocking for East Jefferson Hospital by replacing two gear lubricants, one air compressor oil and one vacuum pump oil. Fourteen months after installing LE's 6404, one of the gearboxes was taken to the maintenance shop for a minor repair. While in the shop it was also checked for wear. Engineering Supervisor Michael Burke was amazed to find that all of the tolerances were still within the manufacturer's original specifications, even though this gearbox had been in service for 6,000 to 7,000 hours. He is very pleased with the exceptional results that East Jefferson Hospital has received using LE's 6404 MONOLEC R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil.








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