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704 Nevada Baking Co

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704 MONOLEC® GEAR LUBRICANT NEVADA BAKING COMPANY, Las Vegas, NV Peerless 2000 lb. Capacity Mixer CUSTOMER PROFILE Nevada Baking Company has been an LE customer since January of 1992. At this location they bake bread and rolls. APPLICATION In the baking of the bread, all dough is mixed by a Peerless mixer. The unit runs 20 hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. AREA OF INTEREST While using a specialty grade 90 wt. gear oil, the gearbox on the mixer was experiencing sludging of the oil and the oil had to be changed every four months. Bearings and gears were failing twice a year, requiring replacement and downtime. LE SOLUTION LE Representative Matt Wolfe recommended LE's 704 MONOLEC Gear Lubricant to eliminate the sludging and extend the drain intervals on the gearbox. Not only can LE's 704 extend drain intervals and reduce wear, but lower friction means less electrical energy used. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS Since installing LE's 704 in January of 1992, there have been no gearbox failures, and electrical energy costs have been reduced by $982.18 per year. Switching to LE's 704 MONOLEC Gear Lubricant resulted in an 8-amp reduction in this Peerless mixer gearbox. The following formula is used to find the cost of a unit's electrical consumption. This is the same formula used by the local utility company. LE’S 704 MONOLEC® GEAR LUBRICANT SAVES $982.18 IN ELECTRICAL ENERGY COSTS! Not only did LE's 704 MONOLEC Gear Lubricant save electrical energy costs; it saved $4,000 in replacement costs on the bearings and gears, plus downtime costs of $3,840. Since installing LE's 704 in 1992, LE has saved Nevada Baking Company over $10,000 in overall operating costs for this Peerless mixer.








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