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Reliability Program City of Burlington Ed Thomas

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 Reliability Program CITY OF BURLINGTON ED THOMAS WTP, Burlington, North  arolina SIC 4941 Water Supply  Eliminated emulsifying oil problem  Oil Safe containers keep oil clean and make adding oil easy  LEAP oil analysis is used to monitor equipment and oil changes based on oil condition CUSTOMER PROFILE  The Ed Thomas WTP in Burlington, NC is one of two plants the city has to supply water to the city residents and surrounding  ommunities in central North Carolina. The plant has the capacity to produce up to 16 mgd.  AREA OF INTEREST Hank Trent, Ed Thomas WTP chief  operator, was looking for a program to help him better manage his plant and equipment.  LE SOLUTION Jeff Boyles, LE lubrication consultant, introduced Hank to Lubrication Engineers’ Reliability Program. Jeff performed a Plant Reliability Survey and made several recommendations to improve operations and reliability at the plant. Hank was having trouble with water getting in the oil in his DeLaval Finish Water Pumps. The commercial grade oil they were using would emulsify and turn milky, resulting in early oil changes. Jeff recommended LE 6403 Monolec® R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil because it readily separates from water, is extremely long lasting and nonfoaming in service. He also recommended Esco Oil Sight Glasses to easily drain off any water accumulated in the reservoir. Oil Safe containers were recommended to dispense oil into the pumps. The Oil Safe containers keep the oil clean in storage and make adding oil easy. The different colored tops are used to assign a color to a particular oil. For example, Hank uses red for LE 6403 and green for LE 6404.  LEAP (Lubrication Engineers Analysis Program) was also recommended and implemented to change the lubricants based on condition rather than a preset time. OTHER LE PRODUCTS USED   4059 Quinplex Penetrating Oil & Lubricant  4090 Quinplex White Gear Lubricant  6401, 6403, 6404 Monolec R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil   In the past we would have to drain the oil and water out because of emulsification and replace the oil. This problem has been greatly improved with the new LE oil sight glasses that were recommended. Now if water enters the oil bath it will separate and is visible in the sight glass. We just simply drain the water off. We have been using the oil safe containers when topping off oil in equipment. The water plant staff enjoys the containers because they are easy to use and keep them from making a mess.”







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