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6403 Southern Foods Inc.

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 Southern Foods, Inc, located in Greensboro,NC, is a premier distributor of fresh and frozen meat products (beef, chicken, pork and fish) for restaurants and home service. They have been in business since 1954 and deliver to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. The company maintains a fleet of 50 trucks and employs about 200 people. APPLICATION Nine (early 1950's) Beach Russ Rotary Pumps (model no. 325-DC) are used in the plant to vacuum pack their specialty meat products for delivery to customers. AREA OF INTEREST Jim Robb, fleet / plant manager, had been using a commercial grade oil, Shell Tellus 68, for several years in the Beach Russ Pumps. Lubricant change interval was every six months and makeup oil for each unit was sometimes up to eight gallons between change intervals. During operation, the oil chamber area was running so hot you couldn't lay your hand on the unit and leave it there. Jim was interested in an oil that would give better performance by extending drain intervals, run cooler and maybe use less makeup oil. LE SOLUTION Jeff Boyles, LE lubrication consultant, presented the LE Reliability Program for longer drain intervals and improved performance. Robb was shown how the LEAP oil analysis program is used to monitor the condition of the oil and equipment. The oil is changed on a conditioned based program not a set time period. Jeff recommended LE 6403 Monolec® R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil for extended drain intervals. LE 6403 contains Monolec, LE's exclusive additive which reduces heat, friction and wear in equipment applications. CUSTOMER COST SAVINGS All the units were changed in February 2007. Oil samples were taken of the old oil for baseline comparison. One benefit was noticed right away. The units ran cooler, at least 20 degrees cooler by Jim's estimate. Now you could lay your hand on the unit and leave it there whereas before you could not. The next benefit was noticed after about 3-4 weeks. 6403 Monolec® R & O Compressor / Turbine Oil SOUTHERN FOODS, INC., Greensboro, North Carolina Beach Russ Rotary Pumps SIC 5147 Meat & Meat Products 3Reduced Operating Temperature at least 20 degrees  No Sludge Buildup on Internal Parts Reduced Make Up Oil and Total Oil Used by over 73% (from 540 gallons to 145 gallons)  Extended Drain Intervals 4X Longer, From 6 Months to 24 Months makeup oil dropped considerably. Some was added the first four weeks but after that, oil usage went to near zero. Jim estimates in the 24 months since the oil was changed no more than eight gallons has been added to  ny of the units. One of the units had oil added initially for the first 6-8 weeks but then went down to near zero also. Oil drain intervals were done based on condition rather than preset time. Oil samples were taken about every six months and oil drain intervals were extended to 24 months. The LE 6403 has already been in service three times longer than the Shell Tellus product.  If the Shell product had been used during the past 24 months, oil usage would have been:4 changes X 90 gallons each change (10 gal cap X 9) = 360 gallons Makeup oil 45 gallons each interval X 4 = 180 gallons (conservative sometimes higher) Total usage = 540 gallons Actual LE 6403 oil usage: 1 change x 90 gallons (10 gal cap X 9) = 90 gallons Makeup oil about 55 gallons during entire 24 months (conservative, may actually be lower) Total usage = 145 gallons LE 6403 has cut oil usage vs. the Shell Tellus product by 73% (395 less gallons consumed) from 540 gallons to 145 gallons for the 24 month service interval. Jim Robb, Fleet/Plant Manager, stated: “The LE 6403 exceeded my expectations in this application” Update: Southern Foods, Inc., was recently acquired by Meat and Seafood Solutions, but continues to operate as an independent unit under the Southern Foods name. They have began updating some equipment and have replaced some of the Beach Russ rotary pumps (1950’s models) with new units. Jim reports that the remaining units are still working well with LE 6403 onolec. Make up oil is still very low, almost none has to be added and oil drain intervals are at 24 to 30 months. OTHER PRODUCTS USED  2420 BTU+ Power Supplement & Cleaner in the diesel fuel for the trucks  3752 Almagard Vari-Purpose Lubricant on the trucks and non-food grade grease applications in the plant 4025 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant in aerosol cans for chain applications in the plant  4025 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant in tubes for all food grade grease applications in the plant  703 Monolec Gear Lubricant in the truck differentials We would like to thank Fleet/Plant Manager Jim Robb and LE Lubrication Consultant Jeff Boyles (pictured) for the information provided to prepare this report. Valve body cover with sludge type deposit from using Shell Tellus product. Jim Robb reports no buildup from using LE 6403







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