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8130 8800 Cherryland Electric Cooperative

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
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 Monolec® Engine Oils (8130, 8800) &  LEAPSM Oil Analysis Cherryland Electric Cooperative – Grawn, Mich. Mixed Fleet (mobile equipment with gasoline and diesel engines)

Customer Profile Cherryland Electric has been a customer since 2008 and has been in business since 1938. It maintains  lectrical service transmission for Northwest Michigan. Application The company has a total of 60 mobile units in its fleet, including Chevy S-10s, Chevy 1500s, International models 4400-7400 up to 300 hp, 10 utility trucks, three trenchers and one backhoe.  Challenge Cherryland was using a commercial grade engine oil, which it was draining at typical intervals of 3,000 miles on small units and 7,000 miles on large units. The company wanted to extend its oil drains safely so that it could protect equipment while reducing oil consumption as well as reducing the amount of used oil requiring disposal. LE Solution David Handy, chief mechanic, turned to LE for help because he had experienced previous successes with LE products. He had tested Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant (3752) on his utility trailers’ worn ball joints and S cams. Prior to Almagard, these parts had  en lubricated with a competitor's premium product. David was “amazed at the performance (of the LE product)” and found that his grease consumption went down 70 percent in this area. He also tested LE’s L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300) in his personal truck. This yielded a 10 percent improvement in fuel economy. Greg Klang, LE lubrication consultant, recommended a switch to LE’s Monolec Ultra-Blend Engine Oil (8130) for gasoline engines and Monolec Ultra Engine Oil (8800) or Monolec Ultra-Blend Engine Oil (8130) for diesel engines. He also recommended that they use LEAP, LE’s oil analysis program, in conjunction with the conversion. • Reduced costs and carbon footprint, while protecting mobile equipment with premium long drain oil Lengthened drain intervals two to three times over previous intervals Reduced downtime for oil changes ○○ Reduced amount of used oil requiring disposal • Increased time available for predictive maintenance Results After converting to LE’s Monolec engine oils and LEAP oil analysis, all of Cherryland’s mobile units have drain intervals that are two to three times longer than the previous drain intervals. “We could easily go longer,” David said. “We have  confidence  if something runs over the new standard.”Because of these results, Cherryland Electric has been able to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce downtime for oil changes. The time they saved is now used for more predictive maintenance, allowing the company to improve its contamination control procedures with Oil Safe®, Des- Case® and Esco products. They also were able to start using a Liquidynamics® hose reel system, and switched from bulk tanks to drums because of the reduced oil consumption. Other LE Products Used • BTU+ Total Treat Diesel Fuel Improver (2410) for  diesel engines  • L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300) for gasoline engines • Monolec® Power Fluid (7500) for transmissions and hydraulics • Monolec® Gear Lubricant (704) for differentials and manual transmissions [David Handy: “Exceptional!”] • Monolex® Penetrating Oil and Lubricant (2059) [David Handy: “When allowed to set, it is the best I have ever seen.”] • Duolec® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant (1605) [David Handy: “Exceptional!”] • Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant (3752) for all impact applications • Monolec® Multiplex Lubricant (4622) for all other grease applications • Wirelife™ Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant (2001) & Wirelife™ Almasol® Coating Lubricant (2002) for all wire ropes on boom trucks







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