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Des-Case & Oil Safe Stainback Farms

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Des-Case® Breathers & Oil Safe® Containers Stainback Farms – Middleburg, N.C. • Oil Safe containers keep oil clean and are easy to use • Des-Case breathers keep moisture and dirt out of the stored oil Customer Profile Stainback Farms is located in Middleburg, North Carolina (north of Raleigh). This is a family owned and operated farm which raises several hundred acres of tobacco, small grain, and soybeans. They maintain a large fleet of farm vehicles, tractors and all the necessary  farm implements to work the crops and land. They utilize a large farm shop and use almost 100 percent LE lubricants. They have been an LE customer for more than 30 years. Challenge and LE Solution On one of his routine visits to the farm and shop, Jeff Boyles, LE lubrication consultant, saw a need for Des-Case breathers on the oil barrels and Oil Safe containers to dispense oil   into the equipment. Jeff showed and demonstrated the importance of oil cleanliness to Rodney Stainback and his brother Ronnie. They agreed the products could improve their system and were needed. Results The Des-Case breathers were installed on the oil barrels  in the shop containing LE engine oil, ATF, hydraulic oil and diesel fuel conditioner. Oil Safe containers were purchased for dispensing engine oil, ATF, hydraulic oil and gear oil. Each oil was given a different color lid to color code the oil. Rodney has been changing the Des-Case breathers on the storage barrels about every 12 months. With each change he can see the results in the breather. The desiccant material has changed from blue, which is dry, to red, which is saturated with about four ounces of water, that does not get into his oil (the LE-2 breather shown, holds 4 ounces of water). Also, the 3 micron filter keeps out dirt and dust. “The oil safe containers make it easy for the guys to add oil and the oil stays clean. I can see the value in the desiccant breathers especially with all the dust and humidity that’s in the shop.” Rodney Stainback. Other Products Used • BTU+ Power Supplement & Cleaner (2420) • Almagard® Vari-Purpose Lubricant (3751) • Duolec® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant (1605) • Monolec® Power Fluid (7500) • Monolec® Two-Cycle Engine Oil (8104) • Monolec® Ultra-Blend Engine Oil (8130)  Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil (8800) Thank you to Rodney Stainback, owner, and to Jeff Boyles, LE lubrication consultant (pictured), for providing the information used in this report. The same two oil barrels in late 2008. Notice the desiccant material has changed to a light red indicating moisture has been trapped in the desiccant and not getting in the oil. These and the other desiccant breathers were changed out in February 2009. These first breathers did not last as long as they should have because someone mistakenly removed all the air plugs on the bottom of the breathers at first. The mistake was noticed when the pictures were taken and all the plugs but one were einstalled. The next breathers will probably last more than a year during the next cycle. Also, notice the dusty conditions mentioned by Rodney; the dust on the barrel and top of the breather. Dust that is now being prevented from entering the oil barrel and getting into the equipment. oil Safe pump used to dispense LE Duolec 1605 (ISO 220). One of the many tractors in the Stainback Farm’s fleet of equipment. The fleet of tractors includes many smaller and larger than the model shown. All are protected with LE engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and grease. 







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