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6803 Metal Fabrication Company - Central California

Lubrication Engineers of Canada Limited
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 5R3
1-800-GO-LUBES (465-8237)
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 multilec® Industrial Oil (6803) Metal Fabrication Company – Central California Quincy Air Compressor Customer Profile This metal fabrication company, located in Central California, services the United States and Canada West of the Rockies. Application Four 15-hp model 340 Quincy air compressors are strictly used for pressure testing products. Challenge Justin Oakley, maintenance coordinator, was concerned that complete overhauls of compressors every three to six months was excessive. He was  nterested in exploring alternatives to the manufacturerʼs brand-name lubricant. Overhauls of the compressors cost between $2,200 to $3,400 each. LE Solution rick Peeren, LE lubrication consultant, recommended Multilec® Industrial Oil (6803), which is a multifunctional, heavy-duty R & O inhibited and anti-wear oil for air compressors, bearings, pumps, gearboxes and other applications. It contains Monolec®, one of LEʼs exclusive wear-reducing additives.  Results After one year of switching to Multilec 6803, operating temperatures had dropped by 25°F, and no failures occurred. That is a savings of $6,800 per unit, for a total of $27,200 in a one-year period. In addition, the units are rated for 200 psi, but they are running at 475 psi with lower temperatures. Justin Oakley said, 􀍠Besides superior lubricants, LE has provided 24/7 technical advice on machinery lubrication practices and reliability solutions. We could not get that from any other lubrication vendor. LE saves us money and increases uptime.􀍡 Other Products Used • Almaplex® Industrial Lubricant (1275) – electric forklift • Monolec® Extend EM Grease (1282) – brake presses • Duolec® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant (1604 & 1606) – pipe mills • Monolec® Way Lubricant (6315) – CNC machines • Multilec® Industrial Oil (6802) – electric forklift • Monolec® Power Fluid (7500) – brake presses • LEAPSM oil analysis • Des-Case® breathers  • Esco oil sight glasses • AMS Filtration • Oil Safe® • Label Safe® • Reduced operating temperatures by 25° F • Eliminated failures for a savings of $27,200 per year Thank you to Justin Oakley, maintenance coordinator, and to Rick Peeren, LE lubrication consultant, (pictured) for providing the information used in this report.







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