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TECHNI-TIP: Selecting the Right Gear Oil


Jan/Feb 2012



Lubrication Engineers' 9920 SYNOLEC Gear Lubricant is a
heavy-duty synthetic gear lubricant specially formulated for transmissions and industrial gearboxes which operate in severe conditions, and where service intervals may be prolonged. Formulated with 100% synthetic base stock, this lubricant offers excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, along with exceptional low temperature characteristics. Benefits of 9920 SYNOLEC include:

- Viscosity remains stable despite temperature fluctuations: The high viscosity index of 9920 SYNOLEC reduces the change in viscosity with extremely high or low temperatures.

- Extends oil drain intervals: Because these are formulated with PAO synthetic base oils, they will not oxidize or form hard carbon deposits, thus extending the life of the oil and reducing maintenance and labour costs.

- Minimizes component wear: 9920 SYNOLEC contains MONOLEC, Lubrication Engineers' proprietary additive that increases oil film strength without affecting tolerances.

- Cold Weather Capabilities: With the pour point of - 49 degrees F (- 45 degrees C), low temperature start-up and lubrication is assured.

9920 MONOLEC Synthetic Industrial Lubricants are food grade approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and may be used in food processing applications where there is no possibility of contact with product.

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TECHNI-TIP: Selecting the Right Gear Oil

Modern gears are performing heavier work and carrying greater loads than ever before. Gear manufacturers are redesigning, modernizing and using finer steels to produce precision gears that will give better performance.

Production demands are forcing the user to raise production above the rated machine capacity. Many times this is done deliberately, with the knowledge that gear life will be reduced, but that the increased cost will be offset by the increased production.

In the automotive, aviation and marine areas, as well as in other industries, there is an increasing demand for more power in smaller packages, so a means must be found for increasing the load capacity of gears.

Lubricant manufacturers have helped in addressing this need by developing better gear oils to help carry these increased loads safely. Lubrication Engineers, Inc. continues, with extensive research and testing programs, to produce tougher lubricants to stay ahead of the increasing demands of industry.
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LE's 9920 SYNOLEC has saved $54,000 per year in parts alone!"

American Gypsum is the third largest sheetrock manufacturer in the United States. The gypsum for two of the four American Gypsum sheetrock plants is mined at the White Mesa Mine outside of Bernalillo, New Mexico. The CMI milling machine is used to cut off the gypsum at the mine. CMI rates the life expectancy of the milling machine's planetary gears at 2,000 hours, but at the White Mesa Mine, the service life of the planetary gears while using a commercial grade lubricant was only 1,000 hours. The mine's maintenance manager was looking for a superior gear lubricant that was capable of extending the life of the planetary gears. 9920 SYNOLEC Synthetic Industrial Lubricant was selected for these gearboxes due to its excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance. The planetary gear ran 4,200 hours before breaking - four times that of before - resulting in a savings of $54,000 per year in parts alone!

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