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FEATURED PRODUCT: 2059 MONOLEX Penetrating Oil and Lubricant 

TECHNI-TIP: Extending Chain Life With Proper Lubrication

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: Customer easily removes rusted manifold bolts with 2059 MONOLEX!

Jul/Aug 2011


FEATURED PRODUCT: 2059 MONOLEX Penetrating Oil And Lubricant    

Lubrication Engineers' 2059 MONOLEX Penetrating Oil and Lubricant gives long-lasting protection against the formation of rust and corrosion. It leaves a tough lubricant film that reduces friction between mating surfaces even under severe conditions and can be used to quickly dissolve most rust, gum and varnish and to loosen seized components. 2059 MONOLEX can be used as a light chain lubricant, parts cleaner and to prevent squeaking. Benefits of this product include:

- Protects against corrosion, rust and varnish: 2059 MONOLEX contains a water displacing agent that carries away moisture, allowing the lubricant to form a protective layer against corrosion. It penetrates quickly and works its way through layers of rust and varnish to free up "frozen" bolts, pins, linkages, hinges and valves.

- Provides excellent wear reduction: 2059 MONOLEX is formulated with extreme pressure additives and MONOLEC (Lubrication Engineers' proprietary additive) to reduce metal to metal contact, friction, wear and heat without affecting tolerances.

- Versatility: 2059 MONOLEX can be used in dozens of applications such as maintenance shops, chains, farming equipment, and hard to reach areas.

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TECHNI-TIP: Extending Chain Life With Proper Lubrication

The majority of chains used in industry do not reach their intended lifespan. As a result, many companies forego the use of chains all together and invest into expensive alternatives. In most cases, the solution to short chain life is simply establishing an adequate lubrication program.

Common chain lubrication practices consist of applying a thick coating of heavy oil or grease to the outside of the chain. While this does a good job of lubricating the sprockets and the outside, it does not protect the most vulnerable areas, such as the contacting surfaces within the pin and bushing, plate, roller and/or hook. Most chains fail from the inside - they stretch or kink up due to wear and corrosion within the pin and bushing.

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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: 2059 MONOLEX Penetrating Oil And Lubricant

Customer easily removes rusted manifold bolts with 2059 MONOLEX!

Merritt's Gravel Inc. is a quarry and landfill for construction waste located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The owner, Tony Merritt, uses heavy equipment to dig and load granite that is used in foundations, roads, driveways and golf courses. Tony decided to rebuild his Caterpillar D-6 bulldozer due to its age and rust in multiple places. The manifold on the D-6 needed to be replaced, but he knew that one or more bolts would break off as these were very rusty and worn out. The local Lubrication Engineers consultant recommended 2059 MONOLEX Penetrating Oil & Lubricant be sprayed on the manifold's seized bolts. After doing so, Tony was able to remove them all with very little effort and without any broken bolts. He now uses 2059 in all applications requiring penetrating oil and has rebuilt several other cranes since.

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