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Monolec Ultra Syn Heavy Duty Engine Oil (8854) 

TECHNI-TIP: Are All Engine Oils Created Equal?

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: 8800 Monolec Ultra Engine Oil (15W40)




Monolec Ultra Syn Heavy Duty Engine Oil (8854) is a broad range multi-viscosity synthetic oil for diesel engines that delivers outstanding year-round performance, wear protection, fuel efficiency and extended drains. With its synthetic base oil and exclusive additive package, this SAE 5W-40 formulation reliably lubricates diesel engines, even in low-temperature conditions, without the shear stability and viscosity problems of conventional diesel engine oils.

Most engine wear occurs within the first two to five minutes of starting. Conventional low-viscosity oils have not always provided an adequate oil film at low operating temperatures. This resulted in increased wear and made it difficult to obtain OEM approvals. The improved technology of Monolec 8854 has eliminated this problem, enabling it to achieve quick flow in cold weather and maintain viscosity at operating temperatures. It also meets all major OEM approvals. Benefits of 8854 Monolec Ultra Syn Heavy Duty Engine Oil include:

- All-Weather Performance: 8854 Monolec's high viscosity index allows for less change in viscosity over a broad operating temperature range which achieves oil flow during cold start-ups and eliminates need for overnight auxiliary heaters, unless under extremely cold conditions.

- Cost Reductions: 8854 Monolec decreases fuel consumption by 1-3% over SAE 15W-40 oils, and its premium additive package extends drains for long service life, when combined with oil analysis.

- OEM & Industry Approvals: Authorized OEM approvals safeguard engine warranties. 8854 Monolec provides necessary protection for modern low-emission engines as per CJ-4 standards.

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TECHNI-TIP: Are All Engine Oils Created Equal?

When you ask a truck driver, "Are all diesel engines the same?", prepare a hot pot of coffee because you will be sitting down for a while. We know that differences exist between engines and cars' overall builds, but there are also significant differences between the various engine oils being marketed today. How do you know, as a consumer, which engine oil is the best for your car?

There are several questions a consumer should ask in order to understand which engine oil is best for their car/fleet:
- If a particular engine oil claims to extend drain intervals, will it protect or even extend the engine life as well?
- What is the difference between petroleum based oils and synthetic oils?
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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: 8800 Monolec Ultra Engine Oil (15W40)

"Saved at least two rebuilds, at approximately $15,000 each"

Adamson Inc is an independent trucking company owned by Bill Adamson. He does lots of over the road hauling in his 1996 Freightliner truck, powered by a 435-E series Caterpillar engine. Bill was looking to extend oil drain intervals, reduce downtime and to keep the truck on the road regardless of weather conditions. His LE representative recommended 8800 Monolec, which provides all season performance. 8800 Monolec is made from select paraffinic base oil and contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear reducing additive. At the beginning, the drain interval was kept at 32,000 miles and at times he would go as long as 40,000 miles between drains. The first time his engine was overhauled was after 848,000 miles. The camshaft was replaced because of wear on one of the lobes. However, the crankshaft was reused and new bearings were put in even though there was no wear on the main bearing. Bill is very happy with LE products and will not use anything else. Bill recommends LE to other drivers all the time. 

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