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NEW PRODUCT: 8521/8531 MONOLEC Tetra-Syn Engine Oil 

TECHNI-TIP: Are All Engine Oils Created Equal?




NEW PRODUCT: 8521/8531 MONOLEC Tetra-Syn Engine Oil    

Lubrication Engineers' 8521/8531 MONOLEC Tetra-Syn Engine Oil is a fully synthetic oil with a premium additive package, that provides unparalleled benefits for gasoline engines. Available in SAE 5W-20 (8521) and 5W-30 (8531) grades, LE's Monolec Tetra-Syn Engine Oil exceeds the minimum standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). It is a best in class 100% synthetic gasoline engine oil, and the secret to its superiority is the proprietary additive package designed to deliver resource-conserving fuel economy, protect emissions systems, keep engines clean, and keep deposits to a minimum.

Benefits of 8521/8531 MONOLEC include:

 - Performance - Exhibits low volatility and low viscosity shear characteristics. Both engine oils outperform commercially available passenger car engine oils.

 - Protection - Features low-temperature flow characteristics to ensure continuous flow of oil film, and increases gasoline engine reliability by reducing wear. They provide superior oxidation protection by isolating metal from rust and corrosion, and prevent the formation of ash and other deposits, even in highly problematic areas such as ring zones.

 - Endurance - Safely extends oil drain intervals when combined with LE's LEAP oil analysis program. Due to its synthetic formulation, 8521 & 8531 MONOLEC retain lubricating properties over longer drain intervals, while at the same time extending engine life.

 - Efficiency - Exceeds "Resource Conserving" guidelines for API SN engine oils. Improves fuel economy in many newer engine configurations, lowers emissions, and protects emission systems per API standards.

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TECHNI-TIP: Are All Engine Oils Created Equal?

When you ask a truck driver, "Are all diesel engines the same?", prepare a hot pot of coffee because you will be sitting down for a while. We know that differences exist between engines and cars' overall builds, but there are also significant differences between the different engine oils being marketed today. How do you know, as a consumer, which engine oil is the best for your car?
There are several questions a consumer should ask in order to understand which engine oil is best for their car/fleet:
 - If a particular engine oil claims to extend drain intervals, will it protect or even extend the engine life as well?
 - What is the difference between petroleum based oils and synthetic oils?
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"LE's 8530 MONOLEC has increased fuel economy by 3.5mpg and saved $1,200 per year in fuel costs alone!"

William Jordan travels extensively, up to 5,000 miles monthly, as a computer consultant. While using a commercial brand of engine oil, oil changes were regularly performed at 3,000 miles. He was interested in trying successful and proven methods to reduce the number of oil changes, and to reduce his increasing fuel costs. LE Representatives recommended 8530 MONOLEC SPB Engine Oil, which met his vehicle's viscosity requirements (SAE 5W-30), and 2300 L-X Heavy-Duty Chemical Fuel Supplement. Oil drain intervals were initially extended to 6,000 miles, with plans to extend this to over 10,000 miles per oil change as the MONOLEC Engine Oil worked to clean up the residue left over from the previous engine oil. William charted an average fuel economy improvement of 3.5 miles per gallon and noticed a temperature drop in the engine as well. He has also noticed more power and a reduction in oil consumption. William has realized a fuel savings per month of $105.93, and is saving even more on vehicle maintenance costs by not having to change his oil as often. Simply by using a combination of LE's Engine Oil and fuel supplements he plans to achieve a fuel savings of $1,271.16 per year. He comments, "Even the best competitive oils on the market don't give me this kind of incredible fuel savings. My fuel savings of 3.5 miles per gallon is practically unbelievable. I was getting 280 miles per tank fill up, but now with LE I'm getting up to 420-450 highway miles per tank fill up!".

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