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NEW PRODUCT LINE: Bijur Delimon Centralized Lubrication Systems 

TECHNI-TIP: Centralized Lubrication Systems

APPLICATION SUCCESS: Automatic Lubrication System


May/Jun 2011


NEW PRODUCT LINE: Bijur Delimon Centralized Lubrication Systems   


Lubrication Engineers of Canada is pleased to announce its appointment as a Bijur Delimon International authorized distributor for the full range of centralized lubrication systems. Lubrication Engineers of Canada will distribute the Farval, Bijur, Delimon, LubeSite and Denco Lubrication brands.

Bijur Delimon International is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of fluid dispensing products and systems. These range from simple single-point grease feeders to complex automatic systems that dispense oil or grease to hundreds of lubrication points. Principal industries served include Food & Beverage, Railroad, Steel, Mining, Mobile and Wind Energy, among others.

Lubrication Engineers of Canada now offers the complete Bijur Delimon product range of:

- Single Line Resistance (SLR) Systems
- Dualine Systems
- Series Progressive Systems
- Positive Displacement Injectors (PDI) Systems
- Railway Lubrication
- Spray Lubrication
- Chain Lubrication Systems

as well as Bijur Delimon's extensive line of specialty systems and accessories.

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TECHNI-TIP: Centralized Lubrication Systems

According to the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, over 50% of bearing failures are due to improper lubrication practices. The two biggest contributors are inadequate lubrication and contamination.

Maintaining properly lubricated machinery is an important part of any lubrication program. Without administering the right lubricant at correct intervals with the proper amount, a machine can experience costly failures. Centralized lubrication systems are used to distribute a precise amount of lubricant to specific locations at specific times through the use of programmable timers, pumps and injectors.
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APPLICATION SUCCESS: Automatic Lubrication System

Downtime and bearing failures eliminated!

Machinery found in beverage bottling plants includes fill machines, cappers, labellers, coders, case packers, shrink wrap packagers and conveyors. They all require some type of lubrication. This bottling plant was experiencing high labour costs and frequent bearing failures due to inadequate lubrication practices.

A Bijur Delimon automatic lubrication system was installed to help address these issues. The system consisted of a SureMatic lubricator, FL Series injectors and a controller to program the lubrication cycles. As a result, downtime and man-hours required for manual grease application were eliminated, and no bearings have failed due to improper lubrication!

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