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NEW PRODUCT: 1282 MONOLEC Extend EM Grease

TECHNI-TIP: Electric Motor Lubrication

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November/December 2010


NEW PRODUCT: 1282 MONOLEC Extend EM Grease 

In response to customer requests for an electric motor grease formulated with polyurea thickener, Lubrication Engineers of Canada is pleased to announce the latest addition to its Industrial Grease product line: 1282 MONOLEC Extend EM Grease. Designed specifically for use in electric motor bearings, 1282 MONOLEC Extend EM Grease is an NLGI 2 extreme pressure lubricant that offers superior mechanical stability for long service life. Benefits of this new grease include:

- Extends equipment life: 1282 helps bearings run cooler, increases motor efficiency by decreasing drag and experiences very low oil separation - it will not bleed into motor's windings.

- Resists heat and other extreme conditions: 1282 has a high dropping point and is extremely resistant to oxidation even when operating at high temperatures and speeds. It maintains mechanical stability in the presence of water, resists water spray-off and protects bearings against rust and corrosion. 1282 has an operating temperature range of -23 deg C to 204 deg C (-10 deg F to 400 deg F).

- Excellent pumpability at low temperatures: 1282 retains its consistency over a wide operating temperature range, making it suitable for cold environments and for use with long feed lines to remote application sites.

- Minimizes component wear: 1282 contains MONOLEC, Lubrication Engineers' proprietary wear-reducing additive that increases oil film strength without affecting tolerances.

1282 MONOLEC Extend EM Grease can be used in equipment requiring an NLGI 2 grease and where severe operating conditions are present. Typical applications include electric motor bearings and automotive bearings in generators, alternators and starters.

For more information please visit: Product Specifications . To order, contact us at 1-800-465-8237 or info@lubeng.com.

TECHNI-TIP: Electric Motor Lubrication

It is estimated that only one-tenth of rolling element bearings attains their intended lifespan. In addition, over forty percent of electric motor failures are bearing related; the leading causes of bearing failures are improper lubrication and improper mounting.

In servicing electric motor bearings, it is important that the right grease be applied in the right quantity. Although both under lubrication and over lubrication are harmful, more motors fail due to over greasing than from under greasing. Excess grease in the path of rotating parts offers high resistance to motion, resulting in overheating and high internal pressures. Excess grease can also leak past the bearing seals and flow to the inside of the motor.
Failure modes of rolling element bearings used in electric motors include incorrect bearing selection, improper installation techniques, excessive thrust loads, contamination and inadequate greasing practices. 

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1275 ALMAPLEX saves customer $16,000 in reduced electric motor bearing failures and lubricant consumption is cut by over 75%!

Cadillac Overall Supply is an industrial laundry located in Detroit, MI. The plant equipment is powered by 50 hp and 30 hp electric motors. While using a commercial grade grease in the motor bearings, the Chief Engineer found that as the temperature increased, the grease would run out of the bearings. After switching to 1275 ALMAPLEX, this problem was eliminated and the customer estimates savings of over $10,000 in bearings and $6,000 in labour. Also, the re-lubrication interval was reduced from once per week to once per month!

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