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NEW PRODUCT LINE: VIPER Wire Rope Lubricator 

TECHNI-TIP: Lubrication - The Life Blood of Wire Ropes

Nov/Dec 2011


NEW PRODUCT LINE: VIPER Wire Rope Lubricator    

Lubrication Engineers of Canada is pleased to announce its appointment as the exclusive Viper Wire Rope Lubricator authorized distributor in Canada.

The Viper wire rope lubricator was developed by Lubrication Engineers representatives in Australia. It is a uniquely efficient method of automatically lubricating wire ropes. Lubricant penetrates to the core of the wire ropes while providing thin film of outer coating.

All the issues associated with manual lubrication, such as health & safety of the workers, environmental concerns, lubricant waste, and cleanliness, can be solved by using the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator. Viper reduces the labour required to lubricate wire ropes by 90%, and when used in conjunction with 451-453 Wirelife Coating Grease or 2022 Wirelife Almasol Synthetic Lubricant, the user will realize significant increases in wire rope life of up to 300%.

What makes Viper different from the competition?

- Special Seal design - larger area of contact with the rope than any other lubricator. Increases rope dwell time in the collar.
- Interference fit instead of exact fit - provides a better infield result where wires are stretched.
- Seals work the lubricant into the core of the Wire Rope - unlike some designs that just rub lubricant onto the surface.
- Robust construction.
- Cleaner to operate due to drain outlet - excess lubricant is captured and may be re-used.

Viper can be used in any equipment that utilizes wire rope for any kind of operation. Some of the most common industries are:
- Crane Wire Ropes
- Marine Applications
- Mining Applications
- Industrial Applications
- Wire manufacturers

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TECHNI-TIP: Lubrication - The Life Blood of Wire Ropes

By Jeffrey E. Turner, Executive Vice President, Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

Wire rope forms an important part of many machines and structures. It is comprised of continuous wire strands wound around a central core. There are many kinds of wire rope designed for different applications. Most of them are steel wires made into strands wound with each other. The core can be made of steel, rope or even plastics.

Wire Rope Lubrication
Lubricating wire ropes can be a difficult proposition, regardless of the construction and composition.

Wire rope lubricants have three principal functions:
1. To reduce friction as the individual wires move over each other.
2. To provide corrosion protection and lubrication in the core and inside wires.
3. To provide corrosion protection on the exterior surfaces.

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