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TECHNI-TIP: Improving Oven Chain Lubrication





Lubrication Engineers' calcium sulfonate-thickened Almamoly HD Grease was formulated for use in severe conditions such as high temperatures, heavy loads and water. This high-performance grease is intended for long-lasting use in heavy-duty mobile equipment for the construction, agriculture, open pit mining, and road-building industries. Almamoly HD Grease contains Almasol, LE's proprietary solid additive as well as 5 percent molybdenum disulfide (also known as molydisulfide or moly). Compared to other solid lubricant containing greases that rely on moly or graphite alone, Almamoly HD Grease's synergistic combination of moly and Almasol gives it better wear resistance and EP properties. The benefits of 1488 ALMAMOLY HD Grease includes:

- Solid Additive Combination - Contains proprietary combination of Almasol and moly, which provides better wear-resistance than other greases containing solid lubricants, including those containing 5% moly alone, while still meeting the requirements of major OEMs.

- Calcium Sulfonate Thickener - Inherently prevents rust & corrosion, in contrast to other thickeners. Has a very high dropping point, exhibiting excellent mechanical stability, and imparting outstanding EP properties, which provides wear protection even when pound-out conditions occur.

- Reliable, Long-Lasting Formula - Has very low oil separation, which means that Almamoly stays in place for extended lubrication intervals.

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TECHNI-TIP: Understanding Calcium Sulfonate Thickeners

By Bill Ward, the Lubrizol Corporation

Grease is grease, right? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple, because there are numerous different types of greases. If the right grease is not being used in equipment, you could be paying too much for replacement parts. On the other hand, the right grease can allow equipment to run for years without a maintenance problem. The key is learning which grease is right for your needs.

Calcium Sulfonate Thickeners:
Not new to the grease scene, calcium sulfonate thickeners have been around for almost 50 years. This particular type of grease has inherent extreme pressure (EP) properties that stand out from the rest. These properties, combined with the fact that it can be formulated for use in H-1 (food-grade) applications, make it an attractive alternative to other greases.

Calcium sulfonate greases are made by converting a fluid detergent that contains amorphous calcium carbonate to a grease containing calcite particles. Because of the calcite particles' lubricating properties, performance additives containing sulfur, phosphorous or zinc may not be needed. This is why some calcium sulfonate-based greases are attractive to the food industry. Calcium sulfonate-based greases have a higher dropping point, making them attractive for some high-temperature applications.
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"LE's 3752 ALMAGARD has eliminated squeaking in bucket pins and reduced lube rates by two-thirds"

Constructors, Inc. is one of the largest construction companies performing highway and street construction in Nebraska. They have been an LE customer since 1983. Constructors, Inc. operates a Cat 966 Loader, which is used to move crushed rock, gravel, and recycled asphalt. This equipment is operated 10-12 hours a day. The environment that the equipment is used in is very hot and dusty in the summer and very cold in the winter. The bucket pins on the 966 Loader had to be re-lubed 2-3 times a day. The commercial grease they were using was running and pounding out of the pins. LE's 3752 Almagard Vari-Purpose Lubricant was recommended because of its ability to stay in the pin/ bushing area and not pound out. The customer had used 3752 in the past but had switched to commercial grade grease, which cost less per pound. The operator was re-lubing the bucket pins 2-3 times a day. The commercial grease pounded out causing a squeaking noise. Since changing back to LE's 3752, the noise has been eliminated and re-lubing is done once a day, regardless of how long the equipment runs. The 3752 is used year round, and they have had no issues with application.

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