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The cables and wire ropes that are used on skidders are continually moving and flexing as they run over pulleys and drums. The moving and flexing develops friction. One of the most serious problems with wire rope is the corrosion of the rope's interior caused by moisture that gets between the strands. A quality wire rope lubricant should be applied to help minimize wear and to offset the effect of water, corrosion and excessive heat.

Proper application of wire rope lubricant involves saturating the core of the rope while making certain that the proper amount of lubricant penetrates between all of the strands. The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator will ensure that all wire ropes are lubricated completely to the core, in a fraction of the time it would take for manual lubrication techniques.

Some lubricants are not recommended because they do not penetrate to lubricate the strands nor do they adequately saturate the core. Lubrication Engineers' 2001/2001A MONOLEC® (a penetrant) and 2002/2002A ALMASOL® (coating) Wire Rope Lubricants offer excellent advantages in these severe applications. Often, logging machinery is specially adapted equipment. Therefore, its lubrication spec is essentially the same as for heavy construction equipment.

Lubricants that are used for chippers must withstand the heavy loads, high shear, and extreme, abrasive environments. These conditions are satisfactorily handled by a lithium soap-based EP grease and/or an industrial gear lubricant. For example, 3751/3752 ALMAGARD® or the proper viscosity 1600 Series DUOLEC ™ Gear Oils (1601-1609).

Typically the same grease is recommended for single ball units and for the main drive bearings of rotary chip screens. An industrial gear lubricant can be used on the chipper's arbour and roller chain feeder bearings. Again, select the proper 1600 DUOLEC ™ Series Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant (1601-1609). The lubricants must also be water-and-corrosion-resistant. This is an excellent benefit offered by all Lubrication Engineers lubricants.

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