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4061 OVENWORX H1 Syn Oven Chain Lubricant

Ovenworx™ H1 Syn Chain Lubricant (4061) was formulated specifically to combat the demanding conditions present with oven chain applications. In addition, it is approved for incidental food contact and contains no artificialdyes, making it a good choice for food manufacturing plants.

Oven chain efficiency is dependent upon a lubricant that can keep the chain operating freely and smoothly, fighting the ever present heat and moisture that can cause corrosion and eventually lead to premature failure of oven chain pins and bushings.

Download 4061 Ovenworx Syn Oven Chain Lubricant Flyer (PDF)

Download 4061 Ovenworx Syn Oven Chain Lubricant USDA H1 Approval




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